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In which she’s a lemon


Can I just say that there’s nothing more annoying then someone asking you to fax in a document and after multiple unsuccessful efforts you call them and they tell you that their fax machine is broken.


If that was the case then WHY did they ask me to fax in the document?????


Now I have to scan the entire thing and email it, which isn’t difficult, but it’s still a hassle!!!


But that wasn’t the post I was going to write. That just occurred when I came into my office to retry the fax BEFORE I wrote my post and now my post has been hijacked by a small, yet pertinent, rant. Hold on a sec while I do the stupid scan.


Ok, I’m back.


So this morning I was in my Pilates class and it’s been a difficult “car” week for my instructor Amanda. On Tuesday, her tire blew on the highway while she was driving to Raleigh. Since it was nighttime she kept her flashers on and then her battery died. AAA came and changed the tire and jumped the car and while she missed the entire reason for going to Raleigh at least she got home safely.


But on Wednesday morning when she went to start the car to get to our class, her battery was dead again. One of the people in the class was passing by so she picked her up and we had our class and relayed this story.


Today, Friday, I was back again at Pilates (because you know … I love doing exercise so that when I self destruct all afternoon and get fatter and fatter I can say well … at least I worked out today right?) and her battery was still dead and she hadn’t had a chance to get a new tire either. She was borrowing her mom’s car and that was all good.


One of the other people in the class was explaining that she once had a car that always broke down and finally she used the “lemon law” to get a new car. I suppose that point was for Amanda to get a new car with the law. Now I’ve never had a “lemon” of a car but I did ask, “do you think they have a lemon law that applies to kids too?” which seems like a reasonable question to ask if you have Keely MacDonald as your child.


After all, she spends her life broken and trying to die and finding complications for medical problems that nobody even ever heard of before.


When the laughter died down (because duh … I’m hysterical in class) I explained what I meant. You see Keely went off our insurance on November 1st because she turned 26. Yesterday, I was talking to her on the phone and she told me that “she had a strange pain near her heart but she was PRETTY SURE that it wasn’t actually her heart.” I asked her “what the hell she was talking about” and she said that it felt like a “pinch inside, deep inside like in an organ or something” but she doubted it was her heart.


Then she pointed out that “she hadn’t had a medical emergency in a while and she’s probably due” which is true but it’s not like normal people even have to mention such things.


I then pointed out that she had a 4th year med student staying at her house THE NIGHT BEFORE and could she not have asked him about it? ALSO had she made sure that was truly enrolled in her new insurance plan because … KEELY??!!!


Anyway I’m pretty sure that if a lemon law applied to kids Keely would be on a list because she is always breaking down.


That’s why I’m asking if there is any recourse???? Lemon law for kids. Brilliant idea huh???

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  1. Ro
    November 16, 2015

    I don’t believe that the Lemon Law covers dead batteries but it would be a good try. Sounds like she needs a new battery. And Lemon Law for kids…..good luck returning her….lol. Thanks for the laugh this morning.

  2. Julie
    November 16, 2015

    Lemon Law for kids?? Let’s get that one on the books!

    • Lynn
      December 7, 2015

      How funny would that be right??

  3. chacha1
    November 17, 2015

    I have to agree, I think the Pilates teacher needs a new battery (and probably new tires). Women who drive alone should not be cheap about their car maintenance.

    re: Keely: hope she is okay. (well, as okay as she gets given everything you describe)
    chacha1 recently posted..the hair, she is a-changin’My Profile

    • Name *
      November 19, 2015

      Not cheap… Born and raised by a mechanic and tire salesman, in fact ;)

    • Lynn
      December 7, 2015

      KEELY is fine…just a lemon :))

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