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In which the colors of my paintings were off

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As you know, or you would know if you’ve been reading this blog, I paint. Two weeks ago I had the paintings professionally photographed and it was pretty exciting.


While I was in NYC the photographer sent me a few proofs via email and boy was I excited. She then completed everything and put it up on dropbox. When I looked at my proofs I was dismayed in a sense because the pictures just didn’t look as good as I thought they were.


She had given me five proofs per picture and I had 33 pictures so there were a lot of proofs but something seemed off. The pictures lacked depth and they didn’t seem as striking. I, of course, decided that perhaps I wasn’t really that great of a painter.


I got home last night and I explained to Kevin that I was a little dismayed and we compared the pictures to the paintings and decided that the colors seemed a bit off. This morning, with better light, I realized that the picture that was sent via email was actually a bit more accurate then the ones on dropbox.


It seems that the proofs are brighter; the yellows are yellower and the reds redder when they all need to be a bit browner. I think this is what is creating “hot spots” in the proofs and making the pictures lack depth.


They just need to be balanced with more brown added. The reds need to be a bit “rustier” and the yellows are more “golden” then yellow. Boy do I feel better now. I think with just a bit of adjusting they will look much better.


So I’m hoping to get this done in the next few weeks. Then I just need to update my profile on the website, upload my drivers license and I think I can begin selling my art. I will, of course, add a link for you guys to see it all when I get it down pat but I just wanted to tell you that I am MUCH relieved.


I bet you get bored hearing all about it but that’s basically too bad.


I’m off to see Keely in California next weekend but soon I hope to be up on the website.


Take care

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