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In which the cop obeyed NO traffic laws

Chaos Ahead Traffic Sign

You know how when you’re driving along and then a cop pulls behind you and you totally panic? You check your speed and you are paranoid about your blinkers and drifting out of your lane and such; I mean, don’t you panic because I always do.


It’s kind of like when your parents called you and INCLUDED your middle name and you’re like “OH SHIT!”


Well, yesterday I was driving along and a cop pulled right in front of me.  I was taking a right fork and so did he (I’m referring to the cop as a he but he might have been a she, I have no clue).  At the end of the fork is a STOP sign.  There used to be a YIELD sign there but about a year ago they changed it and I’ve always thought it was stupid but there ya go.


So we approach the STOP sign and the cop slows down and then barely YIELDs and he pulls into the other road.  I, of course, because a cop is in front of me come to a complete stop.


Then we continue down the road and this particular road goes through a federal park, Guilford Battleground.  He sort of slows down and I really slow down because the speed limit is 30.  This particular park is a favorite of runners and bikers so it’s always very crowded.  We approach a crosswalk and there’s a person waiting to cross.


Now I know I’ve bitched about people who don’t obey the laws (and common courtesy) regarding pedestrian crossings but I’m a stickler for this particular law.  But does the cop stop and let the person stop? NO, he doesn’t.


There’s a sign there that says “NC law requires cars to stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk” and certainly, I would have gotten a ticket but this cop just drives on through.


I stop.  Cuz I’m awesome like that.


We continue further and he makes a right turn (as am I) WITHOUT using his turn signal.  I’m thinking, “Wow this is so unfair” because you know if I did ANY one of these things with him behind me I’d totally get a ticket.


So there ya go! Apparently being a cop means you don’t really have to obey the laws.  Of course, I still don’t wanna be one but still … that’s a silver lining right!

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  1. Ribena Tina @ ribenamusings
    January 30, 2014

    When I was younger and saw a cop do that type of thing my mum used to say they were late for their dinner. I still think that when I follow a cop now, 25 years later.
    Ribena Tina @ ribenamusings recently posted..Disorganised….much?My Profile

  2. Name *
    January 30, 2014

    Too bad you didn’t have your phone proped up on your dash and record it all on video. That would be a good one to watch on video!
    yes, sometimes they feel above the law and it’s just so wrong.

    • Lynn
      February 4, 2014


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