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In which the dates are off

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As each day blends into the next day, I realize that I have completely lost track of time this summer.  Yesterday, I sent a text to the person who cuts my hair apologizing for missing my appointment on June 14th.


A few weeks ago, I had decided that the one thing that I wanted for my birthday (June 20th) was to feel better about myself so I would spend the next 3 ½ weeks attempting to lose some of the weight and bloat I’ve picked up in the last year.  I started out well the first week and the second week wasn’t bad but this weekend wasn’t pretty.


I was explaining to Kevin this morning that I feel like I’ve blown it.

Me:                  I am retaining so much water, I feel awful

Kevin:             I thought you were doing well losing some weight

Me:                  I was but now my birthday is upon us and I haven’t really accomplished anything and this weekend was awful

Kevin:             wait! Your birthday?

Me:                  yeah Kevin, my birthday

Kevin:             when is it?

Me:                  this Thursday

Kevin:             how is that possible?

Me:                  well, it’s pretty consistent year to year

Kevin:             but isn’t this the 10th?

Me:                  what?

Kevin:             isn’t this June 10th?

Me:                  this is June 10th?

Kevin:             I’m pretty sure

Me:                  what the hell! Then I didn’t miss my hair appointment

Kevin:             when is it?

Me:                  June 14th

Kevin:             did you think you had?

Me:                  yeah, I even sent a text saying I’m sorry

Kevin:             are we even going to Vermont on the correct weekend?

Me:                  I think so, didn’t you double-check the itinerary?

Kevin:             I’ve been busy

Me:                  oh shit! Well Andie was with me, I doubt I screwed it up

Kevin:             well, you had the wrong week

Me:                  well, this gives me time to get back on track before my birthday

Kevin:             so is this Fathers Day this weekend?

Me:                  that’s the culprit! It’s normally on the same weekend as my birthday or right afterwards but this year it’s before

Kevin:             so we can blame Father’s Day for your issues?

Me:                  well, that and Andie.  I’m sure she’s to blame too

And that’s how my life has been. I can’t even keep the days straight.  Now I gotta get my shit together and go work out.

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  1. Mayor Gia
    June 13, 2013

    Hahaha days are hard. I was shocked when mother’s day sneaked up on me. Father’s day isn’t much better.
    Mayor Gia recently posted..Tattoos for BoyfriendMy Profile

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