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In which the dishwasher broke


I’m such a slacker guys. I don’t even mean about this blog but in general. For example, a few months ago I got a call from Bosch about my dishwasher. I don’t even know if you remember but I never wanted a Bosch dishwasher; I wanted a KitchenAid dishwasher but as it turns out, because the original dishwasher (that broke) was European an American dishwasher didn’t fit in the space.


You see, it was too deep.


MORAL: always get the simplest appliances!


MORAL 2: NEVER listen to the appliance store guys


At any rate, we’ve had the dishwasher over a year and as I told you I got a call from Bosch. Apparently there was some sort of recall on the dishwasher and I was supposed to call some number and schedule some fella to come to my house and replace my part.


I didn’t … call that is.


Or get the part replaced.


BUT … it’s been on my “to do” list which has flourished for about 20 years with items.


The other day the dishwasher door broke. Well actually the spring broke but it broke with Kevin around. So what does that mean? What it means is that it’s time to take action.


So I called the people about the dishwasher since it was on “warranty” and would be “fixed for free” and it turned out that the item that broke was the recall item so I supposed I could have prevented the whole thing but now I’ll just get it fixed.


BUT … I’ll get it fixed for free.


Except apparently the parts aren’t in stock and apparently the authorization number I was sent wasn’t the correct one.


So now instead of a simple fix I’m on the phone with Bosch and they send me a new authorization number and you know what: it’s the same number as the old authorization number.


But fortunately the guy who’s gonna fix it said we would “straighten” all that out later and he ordered the part.


Not quite sure how the billing aspect will work but I guess I’ll let the guy and Bosch straighten that out.


Know what I learned from all this?


NO, not to get recalls done on time.


I learned that the door to the dishwasher is really quite heavy when there’s not a spring.


Just thought you’d want to know that.

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  1. Brad Procton
    January 16, 2015

    What’s really interesting is that the dishwasher is made in their American plant – which is in Wilmington………..wait for it………….NC…..where all the parts are………..except for this part…….which is defective………..and made in Germany. How do I know?…….. Bosch Dishwasher – Same recall. Ain’t life great?

    • Lynn
      January 20, 2015

      hahaha..mine is all fixed now though

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