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In which the kid was lazy … i guess


Hey guys. What’s going on? Just another normal day in the MacDonald household and by normal I mean I worked out (poorly and barely), went to paint (I basically made all my paintings worse) and now I’m attempting to make a list on all the shit that I’ve been avoiding but apparently are important and need to be done.


For example, I’m going away at Christmas with the family and haven’t made any arrangements for my animals, my fish (they’re not animals right?) and for the stuff that I need to do on vacation such as meals, food, and other shit.


So there’s that.


On top of that I haven’t done my paperwork (duh) and I haven’t filed my insurance (hate it) and I haven’t even managed to straighten out all this art stuff.


Other things I haven’t done:   figured out Thanksgiving

Figured out Whine with Lynn

Figured out what I haven’t figured out!


I was considering talking about the world, politics, and the awful candidates but I can’t even. Let me just say that I don’t think hate is the answer. Also comparing an ENTIRE country full of people to a “rabid dog” isn’t very nice. Certainly as someone who is Jewish letting people just be killed in their country doesn’t seem like a terrific option either.


Also, we need firewood. Kevin called a phone number, which I gave him yesterday and had a most hilarious conversation with what was probably the person’s teenage son. Please read below:


Kevin: How much is a cord?

Kid:    $160

Kevin:  how about ½ cord?

Kid:     $85

Kevin: that makes two ½ cords cheaper then a cord

Kid:     huh

Kevin: is that stacked and delivered

Kid:     no

Kevin: how much is delivery?

Kid:     Delivery on ½ cord is $25

Kevin: So then basically a ½ cord is $110

Kid:     yes

Kevin: and is delivery included in the cord?

Kid:     no

Kevin: how much is that delivery?

Kid:     $25

Kevin: so that doesn’t make any sense. Two ½ cords are cheaper then a cord

Kid:     I have the number of somebody else who has good wood

Kevin: what?

Kid:     you should probably buy from them

Kevin: what?

Kid:     I’ll text you the details

Kevin: you don’t have my number

Kid:     yeah I do

Kevin: no you don’t, this is my home number. You need my cell

Kid: (big sigh) Ok

Kevin: are you ready

Kid:     yeah


So all we can figure is that this kid was going to have to actually cut and stack the wood and didn’t want to so he actually told Kevin to buy elsewhere so he wouldn’t have to work. IT was so funny although I’m quite sure the kids’ father would not be amused.


End result: we still have no firewood.


Ok this was boring but I don’t give a shit. Have a great Thanksgiving. I need to get it together myself.


See ya!

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  1. ReaderRita
    November 23, 2015

    But…no offense, doesn’t 85 + 85 = 170? Or am I having a stroke? I think that’s right. It’s been a long month.
    Hiilarious about the kid sending you elsewhere.

    • Julie
      November 23, 2015

      I thought the same thing. Did the math in my head (more than once) and thought for sure I was missing something.

    • Lynn
      December 7, 2015

      You’re not having a stroke…now I gotta go see what I did there

  2. ReaderRita
    November 23, 2015

    Erm, hilarious. See what I mean about the long month?

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