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In which the kitten is crazy

Three weeks ago I got this little kitten from a rescue society.


She didn’t move.


She didn’t speak.


She just cuddled.


She also purred.


She purred a LOT!


She also liked to cuddle right under your neck.


I should have called her Goiter.


But we called her Cinder.


Andie wanted to call her Gandalf.


For the first week she just cuddled and slept. She cried at first when she was alone but mostly she was pretty chill.


Butterscotch was concerned but we kept the kitten in just a few rooms and left all the rest of the house to Butterscotch.


Then she discovered her voice and she was LOUD! VERY LOUD!


For example we barely know that Butterscotch aka Buhscah was capable of noise.


So the kitten was mostly chill.

FullSizeRender 4

Then she got braver and she started venturing around but still, she walked around and when I painted she came into the room and slept on the chair.


She discovered my bowl of baby pinecones on the porch and destroyed them.


She discovered how to get not only UNDER the stove but then climb up BEHIND the stove.


I shoved towels in the gap.


She pulled them away.


Then she realized that just sniffing Buhscah wasn’t that fun; what was fun was chasing her because Buhscah ran away. The more she ran the more the kitten ran.


Butterscotch is having a nervous breakdown.


Then the kitten got sick.


What a great day! I took her to the vet and she’s on meds but she slept all day and Buhscah slept near her.


I thought we had victory.


No such luck.


When she felt better which was THE NEXT DAY she was relentless in her pursuit of Butterscotch. One day Buhscah stood up for herself but mostly she ran.


And Cinder followed.


Then Cinder discovered she could launch herself into my willow branches on the porch.


This had NEVER even occurred to me.


She’s destroying them … and my patience.


Now she’s teaching herself to hunt by killing beanie babies, which I put in her bed as company.

FullSizeRender 5

So the little kitten is quite the little menace.


Did I mention my fish?

FullSizeRender 3

She loves sitting at their tank (don’t worry … only when I’m in the room) and watching them.


She tried to stick her paw in this tiny area next to the filter but I’ve since covered it. The tank has a cover but it’s only about 98%.


So I probably won’t survive and I think Buhscah is stressed and getting an Upper Respiratory Infection now too.


I’ll keep you posted.


Wish me luck.

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  1. Ro
    July 27, 2015

    Welcome to life with a kitten. Once they get settled, they take over. My friend got a kitten a year or so ago and she had to put pillows under dressers. And he is a polydactal. He can turn on lights. Butterscotch will get used to Cinders. It will just take time.

    • Lynn
      July 28, 2015


  2. chacha1
    July 27, 2015

    “so the little kitten is quite the little menace” =
    description of pretty much every kitten ever.

    • Lynn
      July 28, 2015

      yeah i guess…she’s def more active then the others I’ve had

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