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In which the porch work is continuing



Sorry I haven’t been writing much guys but it’s a bit crazy around here.  Although I finally got the pattern on the stone fixed there’s still brick guys and stone guys and other assorted people around here.


Yesterday they took away all the rubble and the good news is that I might not back my car into a pile of bricks.


Beyond all that I had fraud AGAIN on my AMEX card and therefore had to discontinue it and get a new one.


Don’t think that’s a big deal? Think again.


You see, I basically try to charge EVERYTHING to my AMEX card and I mean everything.  All of my auto pays go to that card and usually I get a few free tickets by the end of the year.


Also I like to really only have one credit card. This way I always know what’s up.


Beyond that, I have the number memorized and all my online shopping is done that way THEREFORE I not only have to change about one billion things online and all my auto billing but I have to re-memorize a new number.


The thing is, I just did this once in the past year and I only have so much memory available to use on numbers.


This means that I’ve had to forget all my friends and family’s names just to accommodate a new number.


BUT … AMEX must have realized that I’m a bozo because they gave me a MOST EXCELLENT new number.  I actually like it better then my old number but still, twas quite the hassle.


Now back to the porch.  So we put down the new stone and it looks amazing BUT I realized it doesn’t match the brick color. WHAT? You see, the entire house is painted this ECRU color but it’s a sort of creamy yellowish ecru and the porch is sort of a whitish tan and now my brick looks, dare I say it, DIRTY.


I called Kevin and told him we’d have to repaint the entire house and he was all like “WTF Lynn” but I told him to relax because we’d basically just repaint the back porch.  He, of course, told me “I told you so” because he said we had a problem the day before but I’m sort of obstinate and argued about it.


That’s what I do folks, it’s WHAT I DO!!


Anyhow, it’s all starting to look good and I just need to find some rugs and stuff that I like and I’m having a bit of a problem doing that but I’m sure we will figure it out.  Meanwhile, Kevin has me measuring all these doors and windows and stuff.


I think he’s going to get some new ones but I really don’t know.  Doors are his thing; not mine.
So that’s it FOLKS, kinda boring but that’s life huh??

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  1. RichD
    October 29, 2014

    I’ve got a new credit card headed my way also. Some crook was treating himself (and others?) to a night on the town in Hollywood last week with a homemade duplicate of my card. I hope they are pursuing these thieves.

    • Lynn
      October 29, 2014

      wow…hope you got your money back

      • RichD
        October 29, 2014

        Fraud Dept of credit card called me the next morning wondering if I was in Cali. I live about 2000 miles from there. They reversed all charges. I suspect this is an outcome of the Home Depot breach…don’t know that, though.

        • Lynn
          November 3, 2014

          I was wondering that too

  2. Anne
    October 29, 2014

    Sorry to hear about your AMEX card. I’ve had that happen too and it’s a pain in the you know what! On the other hand, your porch looks beautiful.

    • Lynn
      October 29, 2014

      thanks, hopefully it’ll look good when they’re done

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