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In which the sensor was blinking


Daniel is away this summer so his car has been sitting in the garage since May 17th. The last time anybody looked at it was to finally unload the refrigerator, which had been sitting in there for 2 weeks at the time. I insisted that he unload it since he would be gone for 3 months.


Last week, my brother had a dilemma in that both his boys had jobs in the summer and one would be out of time therefore they needed a car for 2 months. One thing led to another and they asked to use Daniel’s car.


Perfect right? Well Andie was excited because that meant that she could use the garage when she was home for 4 weeks so it was basically a win all around. After all, there’s no way that Jonas (my nephew) could be a worse driver than Daniel (my son.)


I decided that I should check out the car and when I use the word “disgusting” to describe the interior I think it’s probably an understatement. There were papers and crap everywhere and it also looked like someone had tried to garden in there since there was so much dirt!


Being an incredible mom, aunt and person in general, I threw out all the paper and threw everything else into the way back. Then I went to the car wash and hoped that they would have the stomach to clean out the car. After all, I was paying them.


They cleaned out the car and there was a weird light blinking on the dashboard and also a message that said, “tire maintenance needed.” I figured the blinking light had something to do with the passenger seat and made Kevin check it all out later.


The tire thing was just a “rotation recommended” light, which Kevin turned off, but the other one he couldn’t get to quit blinking. Kevin insisted that I go to Infiniti and have it checked out before I gave the car to Jonas.


I did and guess what??? It was a sensor, one of two, that indicates if someone is sitting on the passenger seat or not. So that’s no big deal right? They managed to turn it off and said that if it came back on I’d have to have the sensor replaced.


So what or so I thought. As it turns out that sensor is part of the seat and the guy informed me that we were “out of warranty” and that to replace the sensor you needed to replace the seat and it was expensive.


“What’s expensive?” I asked.


“Around $3000” was the answer.


Seriously? WTF? That’s absolutely ridiculous and I think these car companies run these scams on purpose. In my old Lexus the cup holder flappers broke and you couldn’t replace that without replacing the entire center console. It’s crazy!


To replace this one sensor you have to replace the entire seat?? Personally I’d rather trade the damn car in.


Well, just wanted to let you know that the car companies suck and I’m pretty awesome as per usual.


See ya!

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  1. Phillipa
    June 12, 2014

    My husband knows how to fix the problem of lights flashing when there’s no good reason for it……it’s called electrical tape. Slap some of that bad boy on there and you’re golden!

    • Lynn
      June 13, 2014

      Hahahaha…love this!! You’re quite entertaining

      • Phillipa
        June 13, 2014

        Why thank you….. :)

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