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In which the space shuttle looked slapped together


(written a while ago … bear with me)

I really should be more like The Bloggess and just throw things up on the blog as I go along. Instead, I wait until I have time to write shit up and by that point I’m a) over the whole thing or b) I’ve forgotten the whole thing or c) I’m entirely bored by the whole thing which is, I suppose, just another form of a.


Hmmm…no really, I always start recounting these trips like a house on fire but then as I get sleepier and more tired my notes and reminders get worse and worse and by the end I’m convinced I have Alzheimer’s since I can’t remember a damn thing that I’ve done.  I’ve written two posts but did I tell you about the space shuttle? Or Daniel swimming in the Pacific? Or Melissa and Joey? No, no and no.


Ok, Daniel and I got tickets to go to the California Science Museum to see the space shuttle.  When I tell you there were a million screaming and loud kids a mean we were surrounded by bus loads of kids. The good news is that we got to get in front of them which was great because they were constantly being corralled by their teachers.


I told Daniel not to get kidnapped and that was the extent of my parenting.  After all, of nobody wanted him when he was young and cute there’s no way in hell he’s getting swiped now amiright????


So, the Space Shuttle amazed me in the sense that it looked like one of my kids third grade class projects that’s they were supposed to do but I actually did because I loved art projects and third and fourth grade were the absolute best time for that!


In third grade, Andie and I (note to reader: Andie didn’t really pull her own weight with this project.  I think I did more than she did because every day she would abandon the project and go to school and I would stay home and work on our giraffe) made. 5 foot tall giraffe out of wire, metal and duct tape.  Then we painted it.  It was such a glorious being that the school took a picture of it for their annual report and promptly forbid any more 3D projects for the “Africa” project.  Apparently the teachers were concerned people would try to replicate such an amazing structure and the school would be full of huge animals.


Hahaha…as if other parents could do that.  I’m skeptical but Daniel only did a poster.  But my point is that while you think the space shuttle should be sleek and seamless it actually looked like paper mâché.  Crazy right? Don’t get me wrong it was really impressive but I just did not expect that at all. The highlight for me was watching the film showing the space shuttles path through Los Angeles since it was a major engineering feat and that sort of logistical stuff fascinates me.


After the museum, we had lunch at Nate and Al’s in Beverly Hills where we saw absolutely no one famous although we did see a bunch of scary women with way, way too much makeup.


We had to be in Studio City for the taping of ABC Family’s Melissa & Joey by 4:45 so we headed there. In the last few years I’ve been “behind the scenes” for a taping of ABC World News with Diane Sawyer. I was on the set of “How to Live with your parents for e rest of your life”.  I spent the day at ESPN and then saw Leno this week.  I sort of felt like I was a pro “watcher” by now but this one was a bit different because the audience is part of the filming.  There’s a comedian who keeps the audience engaged and there were a lot of high school and college kids there so they were very lively.


The sitcom itself was far funnier than I expected and it usually took about 3 takes plus “pickups” to move to the next scene.  The actors were fantastic and Joey Lawrence, who I know nothing about and have never watched before, was quite funny.


My only beef was that when they gave free pizza to the audience they only gave one slice which meant that when we were done around 9 PM I still had to feed Daniel.


All in all it was another terrific day.


The highlight of Friday was that we went to down to Manhattan Beach so that Daniel could swim in the pacific.  You see, Kevin always goads my kids into shit and he basically told Daniel that he would be too chicken to swim in such a cold ocean.  What that meant was that I had to purchase Daniel a suit so he could prove his father wrong.  Proving Kevin wring is one of our favorite pastimes it seems.


It was actually foggy and cold but Daniel did it and I filmed it so I had proof.  Although every single other person had a wet suit on Daniel was a tough guy and swam and proclaimed it “not too bad” and “I’ve been in colder” so it was quite the success.


Nothing much else to report except we had dinner that night at a Mexican restaurant on the strip and I was telling Keely that I never see anyone famous in LA and she was saying I probably do but don’t realize it because they’re not all dressed up when I looked to my right and Hillary duff was sitting right next to us.  Not that she’s terribly famous but it was a bit funny to me.


Ok, I’m done and bored with LA so this is the end of my blogging about that.  I’m on my way to BlissDom so perhaps something will amuse me there.

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  1. Julie
    March 25, 2013

    You have had some incredible opportunities. I think i’m a bit jealous. I agree about the Spaced Shuttle. I saw it years ago at Cape Canaveral and could hardly comprehend that it survived take off much less the voyage, reentry and landing without falling apart.

    • Lynn
      March 26, 2013

      i was shocked…but it was pretty cool

  2. meesh
    March 25, 2013

    Lynn, you crack me up! I love your writing style, and I agree that often by the time I find the time to write something that’s been in draft mode, I can’t even remember what I wanted to say. Senility!!!

    How’d you like BlissDom?

    • Lynn
      March 26, 2013

      debating whether to write about blissdom or not…wasn’t great actually

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