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In which the top was off — repost


I’ve been lazy so this is a post from a couple of years ago … but I still find it amusing.  WHATEVER … LEAVE ME ALONE!


When no one reads your blog, like way back in the beginning when I was constantly harassing people I know to read my blog (as compared to now, when I’m constantly hassling people I DON’T know to read my blog), you write whatever you want with no explanations necessary.  Now that I’m wildly popular (at least in my own mind) and have a few hundred readers, I find myself referring to earlier posts.  And then I ask myself, do I need to re-explain that post, or link to that post, or just tell people to go back and read the whole damn blog, or what?  Well, that was rhetorical.  The reason I’m asking is that this morning Kevin (my husband for all you newbies out there) and I were discussing moisturizer, or more specifically HIS moisturizer.  So, go back and read this post first so you can catch up.

At any rate, this morning the following conversation took place.  Now keep in mind that it’s February and I’m bipolar and as a result, I’m not very funny right now.  Are you keeping that in mind?  Good.  Now can we continue?  Here’s the convo:

Kevin:             “Lynn, did you use my moisturizer yesterday?”

Lynn:              “No, why would I do that, I have my own moisturizer.”

Kevin:             “Well, I noticed the top wasn’t on the moisturizer”

Lynn:              “… and?”

Kevin:             “So it seemed like something you would do”

Lynn:              “What?”

Kevin:             “You know, leave the top off the moisturizer”

Lynn:              “That does sound like something I would do”

Kevin:             “So did you do that yesterday?”

Lynn:              “Well, I used my moisturizer yesterday, not yours”

Kevin:             “I suppose that since I wasn’t feeling well that I might have forgotten”

Lynn:              “Probably”

Kevin:             “So you noticed yesterday that the top was off”

Lynn:              “Yup”

Kevin:             “I figured you had seen it a few times”

Lynn:              “Yup.  Actually, I was surprised you left the top off”

Kevin:             “At any point, did you consider putting the top back on?”

Lynn:              “Hmmm”

Kevin:             “I mean, I’m sure you were in the bathroom yesterday after I went to work”

Lynn:              “Yeah, I was and I noticed the top was off but…”

Kevin:             “Well, what did you do?”

Lynn:              “I thought, isn’t that unusual, Kevin forgot to put the top on”

Kevin:             “Why didn’t you put the top on?”

Lynn:              “Well, when I was coming in and I was going to the bathroom…”

Kevin:             “… and …”

Lynn:              “And I could see it from the toilet and I thought oh yeah, the top is off…”

Kevin:             “… and …”

Lynn:              “And then I was done so I washed up and left”

Kevin:             “Why didn’t you put the top on?”

Lynn:              “I don’t know!  Maybe because I didn’t take it off?”

Kevin:             “But it’s your precious Kiehls”

Lynn:              “No, its YOUR precious Kiehls, mine’s over there next to my sink with the top on”

Kevin:             “I bet you spent your day wondering ‘why doesn’t Kevin put the top on?’”

Lynn:              “It did cross my mind”

Kevin:             “Did it cross your mind that I was at work all day?”

Lynn:              “I was aware you weren’t home”

Kevin:             “And yet you still didn’t put the top on”

Lynn:              “I was busy!”

Kevin:             “Doing what?”

Lynn:              “Well, let me think…what day was it yesterday?”

Kevin:             “Tuesday”

Lynn:              “Oh yeah! I had a breakfast meeting with some alumni from Hopkins and I was really funny and then I worked out and then I went to buy cat food”

Kevin              (sarcastically) “So you were incredibly busy”

Lynn:              “Yeah”

Kevin              “You sound so excited that you actually accomplished something yesterday”

Lynn:              “Yeah, I did!  I did three things yesterday!”

Kevin              “And yet we still didn’t have dinner?”

Lynn:              “Why do you always have to dwell on the negative aspects?”

Kevin              “Oh my god!  I gotta get ready for work!”

Lynn:              “And don’t forget to put the top on the moisturizer!”

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  1. Tina @ ribenamusings
    October 9, 2013

    It can be dangerous to move things though so I would have done the same thing. Hubby once left his dad’s wedding ring on the side of the sink and I picked it up, popping it on one of my fingers to put on his bedside cabinet. 6 hours later I was on my way to Newcastle and received a frantic call from Hubby as he couldn’t find the ring I had lovingly left on his bedside cabinet……

    When I emptied my handbag the ring was at the bottom of my handbag. Now I leave things alone, tops on or off…….
    Tina @ ribenamusings recently posted..What I learned this weekMy Profile

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