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In which the window was rotten


Hey people, how’s it going? Things are pretty good around here.


The suns out


The weather is warming up


There’s no snow on the ground **


** I added that one because I just spoke to my Aunt in Maine and apparently they still have tons of snow on the ground. I can’t even imagine that!


I’m here in my office with Gilgamesh and Hercules and I think we all agree that we miss Tucker. It’s just not the same around here anymore. Even my neighbor’s dog came inside yesterday to see where the hell Tucker has been. ***


*** I actually just answered the door for Ed, the dog whose name is actually Murphy, simply barged by me and looked for Tucker. Then she ate all my cats’ food up because … you know, DOGS!


Ed actually stopped by because there was plywood up on my house in lieu of a window. ****


**** It’s not that I don’t have a window. IT’s just that the window was rotten and so some workmen took it out to repair it. Today they’re putting it back in.


That’s why today I have the window guys putting the window back in, they painters painting around the window that was just put back and in the bed guys here.


WAIT! Who are the bed guys?


Welp, they’re here because about 95 days ago we got a Tempurpedic bed and basically I think sleeping on a concrete floor would have been more comfortable so today I traded in the bed.


I should say we traded it in but Kevin is out of town so I finalized it. It was a joint decision mostly because I was uncomfortable and the bed was too flat.


Now we have a new bed. They said to “Walk around on it” to break it in. I was dubious but I’ve been doing it.


It’s actually a pretty good workout; sort of like running in sand. After walking around on the bed I’m sort of huffing and puffing so I suppose I could count it as cardio.


So that’s what I’ve been up to.


Oh yeah, and Keely had another surgery yesterday. OMG … don’t even. Perhaps I’ll explain that next time.



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