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In which their WiFi is killer

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Hey guys! Bet you’re wondering what I’ve been up to. You haven’t? Then why are you even reading this blog?


Things that have been going on:


I have been getting so many robocalls about politics. I no longer even answer my phone if I don’t know the person or number. Of course, this has screwed up my Sears repair but shit happens.


Speaking of Sears, I just had my washer repaired and now it’s doing the exact same thing, which is having a major flood in my laundry room. They come this afternoon and I’m going to ask for a new washer.


I’ve also been getting a lot of people asking to write and/or link to this blog. Don’t they know that I’m useless and barely use it? Guess not.


Just got back from Vermont. Fortunately, even though it was January, it wasn’t cold. Of course, there was no snow either but still …


My little kitten is now 7 lbs. and my older cat is 5.7 lbs. and the kitten tries to play with Butterscotch by jumping on her and she’s bigger so that’s a bit of a story. I don’t think she’s necessarily a bully but still …


Speaking of Cinder (the kitten), while I was in Vermont she learned how to open the top-loading door of the fish tank where you drop in the food. WTF people???? WTF???


So here’s a story: last time we were in Vermont we were going through my in-laws bills and such and it turns out that since they got a new TV which is HD, they have a different plan on Comcast. Now everyone I know who has Comcast hates them but what I discovered was that their Wi-Fi is SUPER FAST. Like REALLY SUPER FAST. Even if you don’t know the terms you probably know numbers.


Like my Wi-Fi, which sucks, is 24 mps. Their Wi-Fi is 48 mps. 48!! That’s twice as fast as mine and I pay a ton for the upgrade to get mine. I almost died and then realized it’s ok because for some reason that’s unbeknownst to me my mother in law spends her life surfing YouTube and following randos. Thank god she has amazing streaming right?


Anyways, there was that. The flip side is that they got a HD TV and while the regular channels are things like 10 and 13 the HD is 710 and 713. Last October I spent A LOT of time explaining all this and programming all the HD channels into the remote.


So what were they on when I got there? That’s right: Channel 13. I then threatened to cut off their TV (cuz I’m a hardass like that) and they swore to start using the HD channels. I mean, they have a zillion channels they don’t need and if they aren’t going to use the HD ones then the bill can be tons lower too.


You should have seen my MIL when I threatened NO TV! Hahahaha … I know, I know, I’m awful!


Speaking of Allison, she was going to the bank with Kevin and I offered to take John (my FIL) for a walk with Daniel (my son). Now John has been on chemo and Allison was reluctant, you know, because she doesn’t trust me.


I explained that our jogging pace wouldn’t be that fast because of my osteoporosis and she said I couldn’t take him. Hahahaha

I laughed and laughed because duh … he uses a walker.


I guess she trusts Daniel because she let us take him and it all worked out fine.


Boy, I have a bad reputation up there.


SO that’s what I’m up to. How about you guys???

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  1. chacha1
    January 15, 2016

    I’m going blind with boredom at my job, which apparently gets really slow around the holidays. Just started this job in August and I really like it but I have a billing requirement which I am totally not meeting this month. Have solicited work, so they know I am trying. It will pick up eventually … always does.

    In other news, my parents have adopted two orange kittens and are torturing us with cute kitten stories and pictures. I look at my two old cats and say “y’all better start providing more entertainment.”
    chacha1 recently posted..what I require in a published writerMy Profile

    • Lynn
      January 18, 2016

      hows that threat working for your cats??? sorry about the job

      • chacha1
        January 20, 2016

        oddly enough, my cats are unmoved by my threats. probably because my threats come along with lots of hugs and baby talk and hand-feeding of steak [insert rolling eyes here].

        they are just a WEE BIT spoiled.
        chacha1 recently posted..spring cleaning, paperwork editionMy Profile

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