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In which there are PERILS in owning too much Tupperware


People, people, people. I’m here to do you a favor. I’m here to explain the PERILS of owning TOO MUCH TUPPERWARE.


Trust me you’ll thank me after this post.


You know how you have something for dinner or you cut up a tomato (or an onion for example) and then you don’t you the entire thing? Of course you do; you guys have refrigerators. At any rate, you have half a tomato (or an onion for an example) and then you want to keep the rest (because you’re not wasteful are you?) and your choice is a baggie or some Tupperware (or some other generic thing like those new “storables” but for this story we will just use the generic term Tupperware because they kind of invented the whole “storing food” thing now didn’t they?)


Anyway so you decide NOT to go with the baggie because then the tomato (or onion for example) would get smashed so you definitely want to use the Tupperware right?


BUT … all the Tupperware is used so you have to go to your frigie and clean out all the OLD Tupperware containers so you can store the tomato (or the onion for example).


So you are constantly in a process of storing items and then either using them or cleaning them out to reuse the Tupperware to store a tomato (or an onion for example.)


Well what would happen if you had TOO MUCH TUPPERWARE? What if you NEVER ran out of Tupperware because you were some sort of Tupperware over buyer and you had enough Tupperware containers to fill 100 refrigerators? Well then you might never have to clean out the old containers right?


Well, that’s what happened last weekend in Vermont. Kevin and I were up visiting my in-laws and I was attempting to put some stuff in the refrigerator but it was packed and I mean, there was very little room. I was trying to just put a gallon of milk in actually so I started moving things around.


There was a Tupperware container and I opened in and it contained onions. I kept them out because we were going to have lunch. Then there was another container and guess what was in it? GUESS!!!


That’s right: ONIONS!! These didn’t look as good so I tossed them. Then I started opening other container and I ran into THREE MORE ONION CONTAINERS and trust me, the one in the back … the way, way back was basically caramelized onions.


When I say they were disgusting I mean they were disgusting. BY now I had decided “LYNN, you better clean out this refrigerator” and there were doubles on cheese and onions (actually 5 of them as I told you) and tomatoes and some old corn and some old other stuff that is actually nameless and by the time I got rid of all those containers and all the old cheese and all the rotten peppers and stuff the refrigerator had tons of room.


Then I explained to Allison that it all came down to one thing: YOU HAVE TOO MANY TUPPERWARE CONTAINERS!!


You see, if you never run out you can just keep putting shit in and then you forget what you have. I am always running out of containers (also I rarely cook) so that way I always need to wash them out so I can eventually use them again.


These cheap containers are a pox on our society.


Anyways, once I explained this to Allison and John absolutely nothing changed. Hahahaha


However, I’m here to help YOU GUYS!!! My beloved readers!!! Don’t have too many containers because that is the PERIL of too much Tupperware.


You’re welcome …

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  1. Name *
    June 23, 2014

    I have too much – but no tops that fit the bottoms – So……I’m safe!

    • Lynn
      June 24, 2014

      maybe it’s time to clean it out??

      • Elizabeth
        June 24, 2014

        OH NO – then I might throw away something I need – LOL

  2. Lea C.
    June 23, 2014

    This is so true. I’m going to make the kids eat all leftover anything and sell it all at the garage sale. I think I have more tupperware than food in my fridge.

    • Lynn
      June 24, 2014


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