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In which there was garlic


Well, I’m sitting in my hotel room at Canyon Ranch and I realize that tomorrow is Monday and I have yet to write a post. It seems like forever since I’ve updated you so I shall attempt to catch you up.

Because I’m awful at this keyboard and typing on my iPad I shall do so in bullet point fashion.

As you know, our first stop was the Big Moose Deli (or whatever it was called)

We finally arrived at Kevin’s parents house … it was fricking hot!!!

We didn’t do much that afternoon but we went out to dinner at The Publyk House

Yes, I know it’s spelled wrong

Don’t ask me why they can’t spell in Vermont

I ordered some weirdo Margherita

Is that spelled right????

It was peach … and terrible

I returned it and had a beer

We ate with Kevin’s parents and his brother Scot and his wife

Yes, Scot has only one t

Again … not my fault

Next day was Thursday … worked out and started cleaning the garage

Yes, there was still a shitload of stuff even though we’ve done it before

Went to the TOWN DUMP


They call it the “transfer” station

I don’t know why…don’t ask

It was about as exciting as you’d expect it to be but we did dump a shit ton of stuff

I’ve also been to a dump in Maine


Then I got bored … and stressed … becuase you know, Allison

My mother-in-law that is. She won’t let ANYTHING go!!!

It’s a struggle

A fight to the death

Nah, not really. But I got fed up and quit

Life is exciting in Vermont isn’t it

Also, we went to a GARLIC FESTIVAL

Actually, the Southern Vermont Garlic Festival

OMG people!!!!

It was sort of hot

and really, really crowded

So there were tons of lines

I just got a hot dog

Of course, when i was done I found the good food

I did eat some fudge though

NOT the garlic fudge though

There was cheese and oils and everything garlic there

True Fact

I met some bikers

It was THAT kind of festival

What do you expect from Vermont???

Ugghhh… I need a shower.

I’ll say more on the next post.


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  1. Name *
    September 3, 2014

    Margarita, marguerita is the spelling I like, I don’t know why, maybe it was what was on the menu when I lived inTexas? I think there are like 10 spelling for that word!

    • Lynn
      September 5, 2014

      I know none of them

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