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In which there were balls and bands



I’m so behind on posts and yet I don’t actually feel like writing any. In other news Tucker is back to licking his paw and I think the nodule is getting infected again so this morning I put his cone on his head and he was quite unhappy about the entire situation.


This morning I went into spinning as per usual. I haven’t really felt like working out lately and if you saw how my stomach looks you could tell. It’s like I had some sort of “fat” inner tube sewn into my stomach. Anyway, I show up for the spin class and I walk in and I see people having random equipment on the bike.


“What’s going on?” I ask and somebody asked me “haven’t you ever done this class before?” which seems like a ridiculous question because IF I had done a class with a band and a ball I think I would have noticed.


Also, I go to spinning at the same time at the same gym and get on the same bike EVERY single Thursday and I think if one of these classes had taken place at that time I would have known.


Of course, my mouth isn’t as mean as my brain is so I simply said “no” and got ready for the class.


So there’s this 4-pound ball and a stretch band and it turns out that we’re alternating our spinning with doing “arm” stuff. Seriously, it’s the type of arm stuff that I always avoid because a) I hate it and b) I always hurt my neck and c) I much prefer my arms look like they’re melting in “Jabba the Hut” fashion.


We spin and then we take the ball and we hold it out and throw it above our heads and catch it repeatedly and the entire time I’m thinking “there go my brand new glasses” and “hope my nose looks good after it’s broken” and “why am I doing this?” and “boy do I hate working out” but I finished.


Then we did some spinning and then we used the stretch band to do triceps and biceps and my butt was hurting.




Welp, I’ll tell you. It was hurting because I was sitting on the very back of the seat so I could sit straight and do the ball and the bands.


Nonetheless, I made it through the class with my glasses and nose intact and I went to get my phone to take a picture. My instructor Julie, who owns the gym asked me what I was doing and I said that I would be possibly (actually now it’s definitely) writing a post. She seemed psyched although I told her that it was possible that I had hurt myself.


You see, I never do any of that “above head” crap because I always hurt my neck SOOOOO if this post is a nice post then the class was a success but if there’s an addendum then I hurt myself so fuck you balls and bands.



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  1. Cynthia K.
    July 14, 2014

    I think it’s commendable that you went through with it. I don’t even GO to the gym, although I really should, since my ass would now put Kim Kardashian’s to shame, but I don’t like being expected to physically exert myself while other people are around. Hope your neck’s not dead.

    Also, poor Tucker.

    • Lynn
      July 14, 2014

      hahaha…I didn’t know it was happening and i’m not sure that i wanna do it again but i never check the schedule. hmmmm

  2. I used to live at the gym; and I am talking a few years ago before my manky hands and slipped disc but a stop to it (and now I am just fat) but I used to love Body Pump. It’s a good job they kept the same routine for a good few weeks because it took me that long to learn it! I am really sad because I cried when I had to give up that class.

    I commend you for going to spinning classes full stop! I am guessing that if you survive the first few classes where you come out feeling like you have done a Tour De France it gets somewhat easier – that or your body just gets used to it.

    Ribena Tina @ ribenamusings recently posted..Another round of the weirdest and interesting facts….My Profile

    • Lynn
      July 14, 2014

      well if i don’t work out then i end up with a lot of self loathing so i do it as a defensive maneuver

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