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In which there’s an axe


So it’s Friday and I totally forgot to post anything today.  Here’s why:


I’m lazy

Also I have a fucked up back and mostly I feel sorry for myself

My dog is a mess and basically keeps falling all over the place because the house has wood floors

I did go buy little rubber booties WHICH HE HATES but he seems to not fall in them

BUT … you can only wear them for a few hours

Well not you, but him … TUCKER …

So basically he is only happy when he’s chilling

With me

On my bed

Guess where my computer is?

Not on my bed

So there’s that

That’s the main reason

And I’m bored …

That too!

But here’s a question?

Why is there an axe in my garage?

Yeah, I saw it today

I don’t think it’s our axe

Where did it come from?

Why is in my garage?

Kevin hasn’t been using it?


Is Kevin a closet lumberjack?

He does have one plaid flannel shirt

Is that a sign?


Does this mean an axe murderer is coming?

IS it AX or AXE?

Ok, that was random?

So that’s why I haven’t written a post.

Sorry… but not really

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  1. Julie
    December 8, 2014

    I would worry if Kevin put on his flannel shirt, spritzed on a bit of Axe, quit his current job and picked up an ax to become a middle aged lumberjack.

    • Lynn
      December 12, 2014

      Me too. But he did bring it home it turns out

  2. Sisters From Another Mister
    December 8, 2014

    So Chelsea loves this post and says the reason i have not had a post up all week is because i overthink my blog ;)
    Sisters From Another Mister recently posted..Teen dating vs Mom dating. Or just getting out of the d*mn door.My Profile

    • Lynn
      December 12, 2014

      Hahaha…or maybe because you actually write and your life is always in turmoil

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