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In which there’s vacation fish food


Ok people, here’s the story with the fish feeder.  Long story short, I’m an idiot.  I went into PetSmart and asked them I was supposed to actually know if the stupid feeder was working or not and the person in the fish section said “why don’t you just put it on a bucket without the fish around and see if it works?” which is brilliant and obviously I’m a putz.


She also told me that they sold “Vacation Fish food” therefore I didn’t even need the stupid feeder.  She wanted to know if I had goldfish or Beta Fish and of course, I have no idea what the difference is.  Now I do though: Beta Fish need heated water apparently so I have goldfish.


Anyways, I bought some of the goldfish food and went home and it turns out that the stupid fish feeder wasn’t working anyways.


I found this out by simply removing it from the tank and the food had clumped in the feeder and the entire experiment was a fail.  Don’t worry: I returned the fish feeder.


Now all I have to do is drop in the little feeder and feed the fish really well before I leave and hopefully they’ll be alive when I return.


Speaking of animals (or was I?) it turns out that the mice in my attic took the bait and apparently they will die and not return.  I feel guilty about this. Who can blame them for wanting a better life?  I did have a funny convo with the Terminix guy though:


Me:      so does this mean that my mice are gone?


Him:    is that your cat? (Points to Butterscotch)


Me:      yeah … she’s preening


Him:    does she catch mice?


Me:      she couldn’t catch a mouse if you dropped one in her mouth


Him:    well, she’s quite pretty.  Is she a show cat?


Me:      no. she’s a cat with “dreadlocks” and she doesn’t even know how to groom herself?


Him:    so what does she do?


Me:      mostly shed, puke, and sleep …


Him:    you need a barn cat


Me:      I need a lot of things


So there you have it.  I have 2 useless pets and 2 difficult fish with great names.  Thank god for Vacation fish food and PetSmart.  Hopefully my fish will be alive when I return from vacation.  I’ll keep you posted.

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  1. Julie
    August 21, 2013

    I hope the mice don’t croak inside your attic. One little dead mouse can smell something FIERCE!!

    • Lynn
      August 21, 2013

      Uggghhh me too

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