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In which these guns have got to go


I’m at the gym and on one of the many TVs in front of me is the court case from Florida about the man who shot a kid in an SUV because the car had the music on too loud. Apparently his eardrums demanded retribution. I think it’s called the “loud music” case hahaha.


Meanwhile there’s another case going on where a 70-something ex policeman shot a father in the movie theater because he was texting his daughter during the previews; the previews!!!


Now I hate it as much as anyone when people text or talk in the theater but I don’t usually carry a gun to just shoot the person who annoys me.


So I ask you, what the fuck is wrong with this country?  I too have asked people to hush or quiet down and usually they do but sometimes they don’t.  I have even gone to the manager to ask them to throw somebody out before but I simply think carrying a concealed weapon and shooting someone when you’re pissed off is a very bad idea.  Can you imagine what this country would be like if everyone had a gun?


And of course both of these perpetrators are using a “stand your ground” defense. Apparently in the movie theater the man who was texting exchanged words with the guy holder. He even, gasp, tossed some popcorn at him. To people whom think killing someone is a natural progression of that please steer clear of playing the game Marco Polo where you could actually get splashed in the face.  I think the only appropriate reaction to that would be a RPG, you know, a Rocket propelled grenade!


In the other case the kid who was just sitting in the car refused to lower the volume on his radio. Seriously the other guy had a car and he could have simply driven away but instead chose to fire into the SUV 8 times. I guess the first 7 shots didn’t hit the volume control and remove the horrible noise to his satisfaction.


It confounds me that people don’t think we have a big problem with guns in this country.  I mean what has to happen to wake people up that everyone carrying guns around is fucking wrong?  We all get pissed off but normally all we do is yell or perhaps punch someone.  This gun thing has got to stop and I can’t imagine that there are still people defending this crap. How this all relates to having guns to form a militia I have no idea.


Anyways, that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it.  Someone will probably come shoot me now because I messed with his or her ground. If so, I rest my case.

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