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In which they all came home


People, people, people:


I’d like to apologize for the mess that is this blog.  First of all, I’ve barely been writing and when I do I’m pretty sure it sucks.  Second of all, I’ve gotten all sorts of screwed up with the scheduling so posts keep coming out when they’re not supposed to.


Probably many of you don’t notice this but those who get emails do. Here’s what happened:  a long while ago I decided that when I didn’t feel like writing a new post (pretty much always actually) I would repost an old post.  After all, many of you are recent readers and didn’t read the old ones.  At any rate, what I did was copy and paste the old ones and put a date WELL IN ADVANCE so that it wouldn’t show up until I wanted it to.


EXCEPT … somehow I did it so long ago that the dates that were well in advance are actually NOW. Therefore, unless I check carefully (and trust me, I never do anything carefully) there’s all these posts that are just appearing because they’re set for November 30 or December 30 or whatever the hell day I put down.


So that’s the explanation for that.  Usually I wake up and look at my emails and I’m all like “what the fuck?” and then I race and fix them on the blog but you can’t just retract the emails so that’s why you guys keep getting all this bullshit.


Ok…now onto bigger and better things. I have no bigger and better things to report.  My office looks like a bomb went off an in fact, so does my house.  This is because my kids were home for Thanksgiving.


First Andie came home the weekend before Thanksgiving.  She told Kevin and I she was coming home early so she could get “attention” before Keely showed up and “stole it all.”  That seemed reasonable so she was home and we hung out and went to see the Hunger Games and all was good.


But did that stop her from bitching and moaning that she was getting no attention? NO! IT DID NOT!  She informed me that I never visited her at school (seriously … she’s busy every damn day so what does she want from me) and now I was just paying attention to Keely.


Keely, meanwhile, was basically socializing with her friends 24/7 and when she was at home informed me that I should be cuddling with her.  Never mind the fact that I was doing Thanksgiving and cooking for a ton of people and she has siblings.  All I have to say is THANK GOD FOR DANIEL who could give a shit.  He’s just happy to be home and chill and play xBox.


NOTE TO READERS: GIRLS ARE A PAIN.  I was bitching about it and Andie said to me “you’re the only mom I know who complains that her kids love her too much.”  I guess it sounds bad like that but shit, I need some space too!!!!!


Anyways, it was nice to have us all back together since we hadn’t been in one place since July.  I’ll write more about the weekend later.


See ya!

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  1. Julie
    December 3, 2013

    Having only the one daughter, I can’t imagine what the additional hormones would do to my (barely there) sanity.

    • Lynn
      December 3, 2013

      you can see that I’m barely sane

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