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In which they hate the fan


Do you guys know what annoys me? Well, I guess I should say what annoys me today since I’m annoyed a lot of the time.  Anyways, let me explain.


As you know I take spinning classes.  For those of you who don’t know what spinning is “where have you been” but spinning is riding a stationary bike pretty hard so typically you get hot.  I certainly do.


Where I take spinning there are four fans in each of the four corners of the room (it’s a square DUH!)  Now I, like most people, have preferred spots that I like to ride in.  Typically I get on a bike near the front corner where the instructor is. (in this gym the instructor is in the corner although at most gyms they’re in the middle … this is a little gym)


I like that spot because the front left fan blows on me get it? This is important because for some fucked up reason I really don’t sweat.  This isn’t as great as it sounds because I end up getting overheated and I feel like I wanna puke.  So I pick this spot so that the fan hits me.


Today I got to the room and nearly all the bikes were taken in the room.  Of course the places where I usually go to were full so all that was left was this spot near the back.  There are, of course, dead zones where you get absolutely no fan action so I never take those spots lest I drop dead from overheating.


So here’s what pisses me off.  There are all these people who HATE the fans.  In and of itself, that’s no big deal but do they sit where there are dead zones? NO, they don’t.  They sit wherever they want and then they turn the fans into the walls so that it doesn’t hit them.


Of course, if it doesn’t hit them then they’re probably pretty ineffective and then they don’t really serve any purpose at all.  Why do people who hate the fans blowing on them sit in front of the fans?


I ask because it happens all the time and then they get all “cold” and pissed off about the fans being turned.


I think it’s easier for them to add a jacket then it is for me to remove my skin don’t you?  And yet, this is incredibly common.  There are 3 or 4 people like this who are regulars at the gym and they think it’s perfectly ok to turn the fans away from the rest of us because they sweat so much that then they “chill.”


I think it’s incredibly selfish.  It pisses me off.  Today I was getting ill because I was overheated and I started looking around the room at the many people who sit directly in the path of the fan and yet don’t want it on them.


NOTE TO PEOPLE OUT THERE: sometimes you’re not the only person in the room during a class and you should maybe consider others!!


Okay I’m done.  See ya!

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  1. Terri
    February 6, 2014

    I can relate to that frustration !! Or Zumba classes that the heat is on and when you walk in you are already warm. The ends by the fan are the most coveted place. Couldn’t we just keep our jackets on until we warm up? And what about the people at resorts that take a chair under one of the few umbrellas and put the umbrella down??!! There are plenty of chairs that are not under umbrellas. Oh don’t get me started!

    • Lynn
      February 10, 2014

      That’s a great point. Hahaha

  2. Name *
    February 6, 2014

    Speak up…I would be one of those people who goes up to the teacher after class and say “you know, you should tell those who don’t like the fans on them to sit where there are dead zones or leave the fans alone. Others appreciate the fans, you know so they don’t puke on the bike or space or someone else in the classe for that matter.” I know easier said then done!

    • Lynn
      February 10, 2014

      I have but they never do anything about it

  3. Julie
    February 6, 2014

    I think being passive/aggressive is an underused skill. I would advise this ~ you should print 200 copies of this post and then tape it on every door, locker, mirror and empty wall space at the gym. Then, just to make sure no one misses it, head to the parking lot and put a copy on every car windshield.

    • Lynn
      February 10, 2014


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