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In which they lost a screw


This morning, before the spin class that I was in began, the instructor held up a screw (a hex screw to be exact) and explained that somebody had obviously lost a screw from the bottom of their spinning shoes.


Now I was already clipped in and I was almost positive it wasn’t me.  The reason being that a spin shoe clip is held in by two screws and if one is missing then the clip is all wobbly and hard to clip in.  I didn’t have any problem clipping in so it wasn’t me.


Or was it? You see, the minute she asked the question I knew it would bug me.  I looked around and started looking down and the person next to me asked, “if that was going to bug me all class?” I started laughing and said that it definitely would and I should probably just stop and check rather than having it drive me nuts the entire time.


The person on the other side agreed and said “that she had already checked.”


So I stopped the bike and checked both my shoes and sure enough, they were fine.  Do you see what the power of suggestion does to OCD individuals?


Kevin knows this about me and uses the fact all the time.  For example, we’ll be lying in bed about to go to sleep and he will notice that a light was left on.


Kevin:             crap. The lights on in the hallway


Me:                  so turn it off


Kevin:             I’m in bed


Me:                  so am I


Kevin:             but you’re getting up to go to the bathroom


Me:                  no I’m not


Kevin:             you need to pee


Me:                  I already did


Kevin:             are you sure you don’t need to pee?


And the minute he asks that I start thinking “hmmmm, maybe I DO need to pee” and then of course, it starts bugging me and eventually I just get up anyways and try just to be sure.


My thinking is “better now than in the middle of the night after I’ve fallen asleep” because invariably I have to wake up in the middle of the night.




Me:                  damn it, I hate you.  I’m going to pee


Kevin:             get the light while you’re up.


Uggghhhh…does that happen to you too??

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  1. Tina @ ribenamusings
    April 14, 2014

    I am sure that, like you, I don’t need the power of suggestion from a third party. I only need to think about something once and then it can drive me nuts all day.

    One of the biggest things for me is that Hubby leaves the wardrobes doors open just slightly because he just pushes them slightly to close forgetting they don’t close fully without a little more force.

    So I will lie in bed and be reading a book and then suddenly notice the door is ajar and it drives me nuts. Hubby will be telling me to leave it and I will tell him I can’t because it niggles at me.

    After 8 years he is still forgetting to shut that damn door properly. I am sure he does it on purpose just for fun.

    • Lynn
      April 14, 2014

      I know that my husband does stuff like that so I certainly wouldn’t doubt it.

  2. m
    April 14, 2014

    Oh no, in any situation if the idea of peeing enters my mind, I immediately have to go. Super annoying
    m recently posted..Busy Weekend!My Profile

    • Mayor Gia
      April 14, 2014

      Oooop, that’s supposed to say me, Mayor Gia
      Mayor Gia recently posted..Busy Weekend!My Profile

      • Lynn
        April 14, 2014

        Isn’t that annoying???? I hate that too

  3. Name *
    April 14, 2014

    Yes, I’ll forget the downstairs hall light, happens alot. My husband is usually the one to go turn it off cuz I’ve already gone pee and snuggled under the covers. He always says “you left the light on downstairs” he says. I reply “no, it was the cat.” And now that is my excuse for everything. Sometimes our daughter will go and turn it off for us if she is upstairs hanging out in her room. I hate stairs.

    • Lynn
      April 15, 2014

      excellent job…you’ve trained both your hubby and your daughter

  4. Name *
    April 14, 2014

    ALL the friggin time… I’ll worry that the front door isn’t locked even though I know it is because I just made sure not 20 minutes before!! But…. if I don’t get up and check again, I’ll lie there and worry about it…. not sure though why, because if anyone did come thru the front door, my 2 big 150# furry babies would eat them alive… but still I worry, so I get up and check…

    • Lynn
      April 15, 2014

      wow. those are big dogs (I’m assuming they’re dogs). I’m the same way :)

  5. Michele
    April 15, 2014

    I always forget lights, locking all the doors… it is always something .. I bet I get up and down from the bed at least 3 times going after the things I forgot to do before I laid down! I am trying to do better…

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