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In which they love the heirlooms


So this is kind of funny. Well I think it’s funny at least.


The other day, actually last week, I had a party.


It was actually W(h)ine with Lynn but it was the Christmas one so I allowed people to bring their spouse if they wanted. That isn’t actually important.


It wasn’t so big, perhaps 25 people or so, but it was pretty fun. Also it was not freezing but it wasn’t so cold that people couldn’t go on the porch.


We are very proud of our new porch because we redid it and it looks great. At least we think it looks great.


So this morning I asked Kevin what he thought the most commented thing about the house was that people mentioned to me:


Kevin: the lanterns?


No, but this was a good guess because remember that Kevin wasn’t so sure about he lanterns because the Patina was off and other assorted bullshit? Well people (other than me) loved them and Kevin begrudgingly admitted they looked good.


Kevin: your paintings?


No, but people do remark on them because honestly we don’t buy art and they’re all over the place so they are always noticed; also because they’re huge. The one in the dining room is 5×6 feet so they’re hard to ignore.


Kevin: ummmm… I have no idea so why don’t you just tell me.




Kevin: the owls?


Me:      YES


Kevin:             I’m sure people didn’t refer to them as the heirlooms though.


Of course they didn’t, I had to tell them the entire heirloom story, which you can find HERE for them to know that. But I do find it funny that out of all the stuff in my house 3 owls that I got from Michaels are the central attraction.


Just goes to show that you should buy cheap shit and put it on your mantel.


You’re welcome …

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    December 10, 2014


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      December 12, 2014


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