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In which they picked his pocket



Hey people. So this will be a poorly written and incorrectly typed post. That’s because I’m up in Vermont using my remote keyboard which has absolutely no self correct and honestly, I’m incapable of correcting myself.

Kevin and I were coming up here on Saturday. We had a 7:00 AM flight so we were getting up at 5:30 (yes we do live near the airport) and naturally the goal was to go to bed early. Kevin was fast asleep and I was drifting off when at 12:20 AM the phone rang. Now I barely get any phone calls during the daylight hours so when the phone rings at that hour it’s either the wrong number or nothing good.

I answered the phone while Kevin groggily said, “what’s that?” and it was Daniel. As you may or may not remember, Daniel is in Spain so it was 6:20 AM in the morning for him. I figured he was sick or in jail (remember that time in Canada?) but as it turned out, he had been pick pocketed.

Daniel: Mom, I got pick pocketed

Me: ok, what did they get?

Daniel: my wallet which had my International Student ID/debit card in it

Me: passport?

Daniel: no, but can you cancel it for me because I have no WiFi

Me: okay but …
Daniel: Mom, this is an international call so I’ll call tomorrow

… and then he hangs up.

You see, we have been Facetiming him via iPhone or Skyping him which is done via Wifi but he has no cell service so that he doesn’t run up a phone bill.

So i get out of bed and go into the office and try to find the info on the Debit Card and I only have the website. I check it out and of course, there’s no 800 number listed but it says to go to and I try to but it loads, and it loads, and it loads and finally after 10 minutes it finishes loading.

You need the ID and the password to login. Do i have the ID and password to login? No, I do not. I try to call Daniel but of course the phone is off. By now I’m completely wide awake and stressed out so I send Daniel a long email explaining that he needs to get the international 800 number off the back of the card. He doesn’t have his card naturally but his friends all have the same card to get the number off one of theirs. Then cancel his card and get a new one. Makes sense right?

I get back in bed and I can’t fall asleep because it’s close to 1:00 AM and I’m wired and finally I do fall asleep. 5:30 AM the alarm goes off and Kevin has no clue that I’ve been up a ton.

We get to the airport and get on the plane and when we land in Philly Daniel is Facetiming me to say that I need to contact Bank of America and stop the transfer of more money to the card because his phone doesn’t work. Kevin call BoA while I set up an international ability on his phone and all this is done while we are walking through the airport and getting to the other terminal. Boy was that stressful.

Then we get on the other flight and we’ve told Daniel that the transfer has already gone through and that he needs to freeze his card. Only problem? He doesn’t know the number because he never wrote it down. Not only that but he can’t login because he never wrote down his personal ID and password and now he can’t remember it.

He explained that he’s been logging in via his card number but that’s been stolen and now he doesn’t have it. I suggest that he get on to BoA website and since he’s done a transfer see what the number he transferred to is. Then we take off.

We land in Albany and Daniel explains that the number is Xed out except for the last 4 digits. OF course that’s a security thing but it’s totally fucking things up now. I call BoA and they refuse to speak to me and they give him the International number. By now, we’re driving from Albany to Shaftsbury, Vermont and Daniel keeps Facetiming me but we have spotty reception.

He gets through to BoA and they only have an Xed out number too. WTF? Finally I say give me the 800 number of the ID people and he does.

I call and they repeatedly ask me to type in the number which of course, I don’t have. Eventually a REAL LIVE HUMAN BEING comes on the phone and says do I have his SSN and can I answer some questions. I do and I can. They freeze the card and says they will transfer the money, which has not been stolen, to another card and mail it home.

Done right? RIGHT? no, wrong. Because although Daniel still has a credit card (an emergency one) he has no cash. So he asks if I have a PIN set up. Do I? Turns out that I don’t so no money for him until Monday when he can a) go get a cash advance from the credit card and b) go get a new student ID.

The end result was that he lost about $130 and one day of making stupid phone calls not to mention about 10 years off of my life.

The entire thing was a colossal pain in the ass so the moral of the story is Don’t have children. I think that’s the moral, what do you think???

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  1. Jenn from Wa
    June 17, 2014

    Ugh, I’ve been there. I’ve been Daniel in this case. After it happened to me my mother sent me copies of ALL our cards to have with me. Looking back it wasn’t very safe for her to put those copies in the mail, but this was 1987 and well it seemed safe. If he hasn’t done it yet, have him copy the front and back of all his cards, AND his passport / student ID. glad no real $$ was lost

  2. Julie
    June 17, 2014

    GREATEST moral to a story I have ever heard.

  3. Amy
    June 17, 2014

    I’m so glad you forgot all those post midnight butt dials you used to get when your west coast friend had you in her favorites.

  4. kath
    June 17, 2014

    Ye. I agree. I have 4… and after age 12, I think we should be able to give them back. In fact, sperm meets egg and peace of mind, not to mention sleep goes out the window. Forever, apparently ( mine are 25 -40 and 3 of them are boys. Men. Well, you can see the problem.)

  5. kath
    June 17, 2014

    BTW… Well done! You moved a few mountains while you were running through the airport. Impressive.

    • Lynn
      June 21, 2014

      i know…it actually made the layover go much faster

  6. Angel
    June 18, 2014

    And to think of all the times I have lost my debit card. All I do is walk into the bank (across the road from me) explain card go bye bye and the cancel and send a new one. And they even have the option for the card to be sent to the bank. And if I prove ID and answer a bunch of security questions, I can take money out sans card.

    It’s a pity there wasn’t an easier system for you guys!

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