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In which they were closed


Arrrggghhhh…I’m so aggravated with North Carolina and this snow!  I’m sure by now that all of you know that North Carolinians cannot handle snow.  After all, on Wednesday the headline on CNN was “debacle in North Carolina” referring to the tons of people who were stuck on the highways in the snow and the huge traffic jam that ensued.


It’s true that North Carolinians can’t drive in the snow.  It’s also true that we only have enough snowplows to plow the major roads.  This causes the world to shut down when it snows. I get that.  When I was a kid we missed a week of school for 6 inches of snow.  That’s because the buses can’t get up and down all the hills and side streets.


Of course back then we had snow routes. Why don’t they have snow routes anymore? With snow routes, kids walked to the nearest plowed road and therefore we could still get to school.  I don’t get it.


Anyways, it snowed on Wednesday and some on Thursday.  We have about 8 inches of snow and an ice covering however today is Friday.  Yesterday I didn’t even go out because everything was closed and I do mean everything.  Kevin went to work and on the way home he did find an open grocery store but even Starbucks had been closed.


I received an email yesterday saying that I was signed up for Pilates at 9:30 Friday.  I took that to mean that I had Pilates at 9:30 on Friday so I left my house and went to Pilates. My driveway was bad and my street wasn’t great but I have all wheel drive and when I got to the main street it was cleared.  Even the parking lot at Pilates was cleared! (Of course, I almost broke my ass on the ice but that’s another story)


I got to Pilates and waited … and waited … and waited … and no instructor.  I guess there’s no Pilate’s today right?


Of course, I had boots on so I turned around and went home and got my sneakers and headed out to SportTime (my other gym).  That gym is always open.  I got there and guess what?


IT WAS CLOSED!! I finally looked it up and they were opening up at 12:00 noon and it was only 10:09!!!


I’m so aggravated! Seriously, this town needs to get its shit together.  IT’s 45 degrees and sunny and gorgeous out there and everything is still closed!!! I need to work out.


After all, I’ve been doing this gluten-free thing since Monday and although I’ve been starving I haven’t lost an ounce and I haven’t worked out since Thursday and arrgghhhhhh!!!


Ok, that’s my rant. I’m done.  I guess I’ll go drink coffee and do my puzzle which is what I was doing yesterday since I was bored to death.


Snow days without kids to play with suck!!!!

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    February 17, 2014

    really, although I was kinda happy at the end of the day…wood floors still without water marks everywhere and at least 30 pieces of snow gear still in the closet! cheers Use to take me a week to get that all cleaned up and back where it belonged.

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