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In which they were Foxhounds


So that was kind of crazy. Here’s what happened:


You may or may not know that I live in a neighborhood that used to be a farm.  As a result, we have large pastures and actually back up to a large lake surrounded by woods and trails.  In other woods, it’s not really like being in a city at all.


Earlier this morning, I was in my office doing whatever the hell it is that I do when I heard loud braying from outside.  Tucker, of course, perked up his ears and I was curious so we went outside. Sure enough, it seemed to be coming from around my neighbors house who lives along the woods.


I grabbed my phone (in case there was something amiss) and Tucker and I took off towards Ed’s house.  When we approached, I saw a large white dog coming towards me.  In the distance I saw another white dog and then I saw Ed.


I asked him if everything was ok (since I actually thought it was Ed’s dog who was crying) and he told me that he had also heard the braying so he went into the woods to see what was going on.


The dogs were moving fast but they approached me and Tucker and I grabbed one.  Let me tell you that the dog did NOT want to be grabbed.  The dog was strong as hell but I did manage to get a phone number off the collar and there was also some strange square box device on the collar.


I called the guy and told him I had two of his dogs but that I didn’t have them captured and they had taken off again.  That’s because I didn’t have a leash or anything with me.


The guy showed up and pulled out this long horn, a hunting horn, and blew on it.  It emitted this cool long, low sound.  I asked him if that worked and he said usually.

It turns out that this guy was out with 31 dogs and they were running and apparently they smelled a coyote and they took off.  Now, I was imagining being in the woods and having 31 hunting dogs show up and I would probably have had a heart attack.


It seems that this guy actually has 67 dogs but only had 31 today and had already put 29 of them back. He’s a member of the Sedgefield Hunting Club and they go out to large tracts of land and let the dogs run.  This seems to be getting more and more difficult as these tracts of lands are sold to developers.


Ed and I agreed this was very cool.  Ed was concerned that the little boxes were “shockers” on their neck but they were actually radio tracking devices.  Then the guy pulled out this device that tracks the dogs down and I told Ed I felt like we were with the NSA or something.


He didn’t get a bead on his dogs, which apparently move fast, when his phone rang and somebody had found his dogs and called him (like me) and they had them in a car or something.


After saying goodbye, the guy jumped into his truck to go retrieve his dogs.  Now this isn’t normally the type of thing that occurs and I don’t normally run across Fox Hounds but I thought the entire thing was pretty cool.


What do you think??

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  1. Laura
    November 5, 2013

    That is super cool! I have a habit of trying to catch loose dogs I come across while driving, walking, or even the stupid dog that lives behind my house and likes to get into my fenced yard. Never seen fox hounds though-that’d be awesome!

    • Lynn
      November 5, 2013

      I don’t normally do it myself but this time they were running around my yard

  2. Julie
    November 5, 2013

    In general, dogs make me nervous ~ I can’t imagine grabbing a strange, random one. Was it big?

    • Lynn
      November 5, 2013

      very big and strong…i could barely read the number on the tag the dog was pulling so much

  3. Sherry
    November 6, 2013

    The idea of 31 hunting dogs running loose through the neighborhood is creepy! What if they came across someone’s cat out in its yard? Scary! And dangerous! And he obviously didn’t have them under control despite the electronic collar.

    • Lynn
      November 7, 2013

      they were running on a farm and then they found a scent so they took off. Only two were running free

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