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In which they were UConn fans


I have an ever-growing list of things “TO DO” right next to me but instead of actually doing them, I’ve decided to write a post.  You’re welcome!


Do you guys watch the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament? We do and because I’m from North Carolina, which is a fanatical basketball state, I follow it pretty closely.  One reason for this is that we play in an NCAA Basketball pool, which makes the entire thing more fun. Then you get to root for teams that you don’t normally care about.


This year I started off 9-0 in my games and then proceeded to get second to last. Yeah, that happened.


Kevin ended up fourth overall and this was a very strange year as nobody really anticipated a UConn/Kentucky final.  At any rate, on Sunday Kevin and I were coming back from Vermont on a 9:00 AM flight.  Since we had an hour drive to actually get to Albany we had been up since 6:30 or so.


At the airport, we sat at Starbuck’s and had breakfast (I had the oatmeal in case you care) and across from us at McDonald’s were this motley crew of 4 guys.  I actually said to Kevin “so what do you think their story is?”


As it turned out, we were on a very small plane; the kind with 5 seats straight across the very back row.  I was in the second to last row and Kevin was the middle seat of the back row.  Of course, it’s good because he can stretch his legs (he’s 6’5”) but also, you’re in the back stuck between bunches of other people.


Wouldn’t you know that those guys, the “Motley Crew” ended up being on each side of Kevin?  They were pretty rowdy and pretty wasted because as it turns out, they were huge University of Connecticut fans (heretofore referred to as UConn).


Apparently, they were soooo excited that UConn had won in the semis that they decided, on a whim basically, to go to Dallas.  They had stayed up all night, gotten plane and hotel reservations, and were on their way.


They had no tickets and a few of them passed out immediately and the guy next to Kevin decided that he should keep drinking.  He had quite a few beers on this short flight to Philly.


They hadn’t even packed and each of them had a shirt on a hanger for the time away. Basically, they were hilarious and were explaining that they were meeting yet another guy in the Philly airport.


Of course, we hit rough air, and I seriously thought the one guy was going to puke on Kevin, which would have been a bummer because I was sitting next to him on the next flight.


I just thought it was funny that these crazy guys decided spur of the moment to run down to Dallas.  As I was watching the game last night I kept wondering how it had all gone down and I was a bit bummed that I didn’t give them my allfookedup email so they could have let me know.


Have you ever done a spur of the moment road trip like that? I have once and it was a lot of fun but also an unmitigated disaster.  Any good tales you guys would like to tell me?


Oh, and UConn did win so I suppose that it was all worth it for them.

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  1. Julie
    April 9, 2014

    I loved March Madness this year! So many upsets made it really fun. Of course, I’m bummed with the outcome of the final game but enormously proud to be a Kentucky alum. Go Big Blue!!

    • Lynn
      April 10, 2014

      yeah, it certainly was an interesting and unusual tournament. Duke, I don’t even :(

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    April 11, 2014

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