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In which this happened …

popcorn heart

So, Andie was leaving today and I asked her to type up a post and this is what I got:

Dear everyone.

Sorry I haven’t written all summer b/c my wonderful daughter andie who is nothing but a pleasure and a half times ten (!!!!)  has been occypying my time. I am sure lots of funny things have happened b/c she’s hilarious. But it seems like none of your business. So gtfo.



So, OF COURSE I couldn’t allow that so then, I told her to redo her post and THIS is what I got:

Things andie said she was going to do but didn’t do this summer:

  • Start a blog called “completely sane”

  • Start a blog called “red herring”

  • Study

  • Get a suntan

  • Get attention from mom

  • Break pacman record

  • Write blog post for stupid slanderous blogs (never meant to do it)

  • Give shit about mom’s blog

  • Clean fish tank (always meant to put that off till I was gone)

Things andie did this summer

  • Couch lyfe

  • Boox

  • Got reeeeally jewish

  • Visited needy sister

  • Coffee

  • Plot

  • Sleep

  • Pills

  • Crafts

  • Wondertimes

  • Spread love all around the house that had become dark and empty in her absence

  • Patched up mom and dad’s marriage that was hanging by a thread

  • Discovered nuclear fission fusion on the interwebs

  • Watched sharknado!

  • Learned what to do in case of sharknado emergency

  • Managed to get mom to pay for all maintenance on car

So, in summation, ANDIE SUCKS but I’m still counting this as a post!

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  1. Julie
    August 4, 2014

    The Mister and I watched Sharknado 2 the other night and laughed so hard I truly almost wet my pants.

    • Lynn
      August 6, 2014

      I didn’t watch. Andie said it was hilarious

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