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In which this really isn’t a poll

I was talking to someone the other day about how I came to be a “blogger” and I explained that it was, for the most part, unintentional.  I never set out to become a “blogger” or to have an “audience” or to expand my “readership.”  Indeed, my original purpose was to write out my stories for my book.


Well, that part of the plan has gone down the tubes.  The person asked why I wasn’t still focused on writing “the book” when I realized that it was because I was lazy.  Now many people think that publishing five days a week is a form of “self-discipline” but I don’t think so, at least in my case.


You see, these posts tend to just pour out of me.  They’re incredibly disorganized, have the flow of a kindergartner and rarely make any sense.  They’re basically just stream of consciousness posts.  Now I know that some people think that this is a unique and difficult writing style but, in fact, it’s the only way I actually know how to write.  And therein lies the rub.


Because this style is so easy, I tend to stick with it more which is WHY when I have to address a specific topic or tell an actual story, it’s a little more difficult.  The end result is that I have avoided many of the stories I originally planned on telling because it would just take a LITTLE more work to get them down on paper.  It’s not that they’re DIFFICULT per se, it’s just that they have to have a beginning, a middle and an end.


I didn’t really realize how evasive I was being until I looked over my original list of “stories” that I had planned on writing out and it was obvious that I haven’t addressed ANY of them since the very beginning of this blog.


Because I change my mind every other day, it doesn’t really bother me.  My original goal of “writing my book” has kind of morphed into a goal of just “continuing my blog.”  I’m also no longer sure I want to be a professional talk show guest but I haven’t really thought about that one lately.  That’s the problem; staying the course is a huge struggle for me.


For example, every once in a while I write a serious post about a real topic.  I also write all my whiney little “I’m in a bad mood” posts and I try to alternate them with some funny (or what I think is funny) posts.  I do this 4 days a week with “Go ahead, amuse me” on the 5th day.  But, I have a huge backlog for “go ahead, amuse me” and I’m already over 3 months in the future so I could CONCEIVABLY publish that twice a week.


The thing is, while I know that people seem to really love “go ahead, amuse me,” do they want it twice a week? Or do you guys like the format as is?  If I do that twice a week then obviously I’ll only have 3 posts a week.  That would be easier for me but then, would it really be MY BLOG?  I don’t know.


I thought about making a poll but then I realized that I don’t know HOW to make a poll and I really don’t feel like figuring it out.  At any rate, I’ll just keep trucking along in my haze of narcissism giving you my particular brand of humor and/or wisdom and you can let me know.


Here are the questions I need answered OK?

    1. Do you like the blog as is?
    2. What is as is?
    3. Do you like the funny posts?
    4. Do you think misunderestimated is a real word?
    5. Do you EVEN think there are funny posts?
    6. If you do think misunderestimated is a real word, do you admit you’re stupid?
    7. Do you like my more pensive posts?
    8. Do you like the combination?
    9. No, not the combination meal, the combination of fun and pensive?
    10. Do you even give a shit either way?
    11. Do you like “Go ahead, amuse me”?
    12. Do you think the guests are more amusing than me?
    13. Fuck you!
    14. That wasn’t a question!
    15. Should I have “Go ahead, amuse me” twice a week?
    16. You realize that would be less of my brand of bullshit right?
    17. How could you not realize that?
    18. Don’t you know basic math?
    19. 5-2=3 … I’d only have 3 days left.
    20. Idiots!
    21. Do you like this poll?
    22. You realize it’s not really a poll, right?Mostly just a list of questions …That have gotten out of hand actually …
    24. In the comment section stupid!


And there you are… once again when I start making these lists things go a little crazy.  Let me know … or don’t.  Your choice.


Lynn MacDonald aka All Fooked Up

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