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In which today is October 17th


Today is October 17th.  Coincidentally, Keely was born on October 17th 22 years ago.  Coincidentally, the tectonic plates shifted below California on October 17th 22 years ago.


Was it a coincidence? I think not.  Keely broke the earth just like she constantly breaks herself.


Today, I am going to do something COMPLETELY FOR KEELY!  That’s right! You heard me, this is all about Keely.


First, on this auspicious occasion, I wanted to inject a little humor by updating my Top 10 Things I love about KEELY MacDONALD list.  This isn’t a complete list of all the things I love about her, but you get the picture!  Enjoy!


  1. She can tell the same story multiple times, and yet, each time the story gets a little bit funnier and you never get tired of hearing about it!
  2. Keely can hurt herself while sitting perfectly still!  She’s broken her arm 8 times.
  3. While being robbed at gunpoint, she was more concerned about her frozen yogurt melting than about actually getting shot.
  4. She can’t tell the difference between and Odometer and a Tachometer.
  5. She’s never met a stranger!  People are drawn to her.
  6. Keely is a loyal friend … don’t mess with anybody she loves or you will definitely hear about it.
  7. She talks louder on the phone … and the rest of the time as well, than any other human on earth.
  8. Keely is a cat.
  9. If you need to be rushed to an emergency room, history has proven that Keely is your girl!
  10. Even though Keely talks all the time, she is an incredibly good listener to her friends.
  11. Keely tries hard to be the best … whether it is academics, swimming or even friendship.
  12. Keely is an incredible daughter and sister:  loving and supportive.
  13. Keely’s typical answer to a joke:  “I don’t get it!”
  14. If you haven’t appeared in one of Keely’s photo albums, you don’t exist!


So, these are our Top 10 things we love about Keely.  I realize there are 14 but just because I was a math major doesn’t mean I can count!  In short, I am incredibly proud and honored that Keely is my child.  She is a joy to all that know her and I am confident that Keely will change the world (not necessarily for the better.)


So here’s what I’m going to do for Keely.  She has entered a contest called “The Butterfly Effect” and the winner takes home a gigantic prize.  To win said contest, people must VOTE for the entry.  Therefore, I am asking, BEGGING actually, for you to go read her story and VOTE for Keely.


The story is called Breakable and it’s a beautiful story about Keely’s journey through life as someone who constantly breaks herself.  For those of you who don’t know, on Keely’s 20th birthday they discovered she had a tumor.  I wrote a postabout it and you can read it here. 


Good news: it wasn’t cancer.  Bad news:  it’s back.  So please go read


and VOTE for Keely.  You need to make an account but it only takes a minute.

She needs a lot of VOTES to win!

Do it!  No really, DO IT RIGHT NOW!!!




Keely’s mom aka Lynn MacDonald aka All Fooked Up

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  1. Kimberly
    October 17, 2011

    Great piece by Keely! And Happy Birthday to your girl :)

    My vote is in.
    Kimberly recently posted..Teenage DriverMy Profile

    • Lynn
      October 17, 2011

      awww…thank you. I really appreciate it

  2. Theresa
    October 17, 2011

    I just the story that Keely wrote. I can imagine how proud of her work you are!

    The story was so good! I was happy to vote for her! I hope she wins!

    • Lynn
      October 17, 2011

      yeah, she’s a great writer and she had to cut out a lot of the story to fit into the contest. The longer piece is better

  3. Theresa
    October 17, 2011

    Dammiit I hate it when I misspell a word online for the whole world to see… but shit I left a word out..I meant to say I READ the story…..
    Jeeze lol

  4. Lady Estrogen
    October 17, 2011

    Hope you and Keely have a fantastic day.
    Off to vote now :)
    Lady Estrogen recently posted..Crimson KryptoniteMy Profile

    • Lynn
      October 17, 2011


  5. Missy | Literal Mom
    October 17, 2011

    #2, #5, #9 – reminds me of my Little Iggy – they sound like kindred spirits.

    • Lynn
      October 17, 2011


  6. Amy
    October 17, 2011

    Read it, voted, and hope your Keely has a birthday that is a fantastic as she is – I can only hope my Keely can be as awesome at that age (in another 15 years or so)!


    • Lynn
      October 17, 2011

      I’m sure she will be…it goes with the name. Which is unusual by the way to sweet on that, huh?

  7. Pamela D Hart
    October 17, 2011

    Happy Birthday Keely!

    Lynn, it’s great to read about a young woman who has achieved so much, is courageous, talented, loved and loving. A credit to you and Kevin and a blessing to the world.

    P.S. I voted twice because I set up 2 accounts using 2 of my email accounts! ;-) I so hope she wins!
    Pamela D Hart recently posted..Birthday ReflectionsMy Profile

    • Lynn
      October 17, 2011

      awww…thanks so much Pam. You are the bomb!!

  8. Becky
    October 17, 2011

    What a great story. I loved it and voted for it. What a funny, touching, and inspiring story. I can see why you’re proud of her. She sounds like an incredible person.

    Numbers 5, 7, and 10 remind me of my daughter Jackie. She makes me giggle and I always have to hold the phone far away from my ear or put it on speaker.

    • Lynn
      October 17, 2011

      Heeee … She’s so damn loud!!!!! Thanks for the vote!!!

  9. MommaC
    October 18, 2011

    I read your post from last year and then went over to Keely’s entry. Just WOW. I am super glad she did not have cancer. My daughter had it at age 11 and that was some scary shit. It is still scary every time we go for a re-check. Not to imply that what your family has been through was/is not scary, because I know it had/has to be. I am supremely impressed that Keely has managed to keep her sense of humor — surely she has you to blame for that! ;-) How hard it must be for her to have to suffer yet again from this horrible monster. Certainly she and all of you will be in my thoughts. In spite of it all, I hope Keely has a Happy Birthday. Us October babies are the BEST!
    MommaC recently posted..All Booked UpMy Profile

    • Lynn
      October 18, 2011

      Awww…thanks for commenting. It must have been awful dealing with that at 11. How old is she now? Is she considered cured? The whole thing is just a nightmare because a) she’s in a ton of pain and b) her pelvis is already ruined and c) she’s trying to find a job formwhen she for when she graduates

      But…life goes on. We will both feel better after Thursday when at least we know what we are dealing with. Thanks for thengreat comment

      • Name *
        October 18, 2011

        KC is now 19, a sophomore in college and has been cancer free since 2004. I suppose they never really consider you cured, but we like to. No signs of anything at all! For which we are eternally grateful.

        Us Mom’s are in a tough spot when our babies (age is irrelevant!) are hurting, especially when we cannot make it better. With any luck Keely will get a treatment plan that will, if not fix her problem, at least make it so she can live with it. You will be on my mind Thursday for sure. Best of luck Thursday!

  10. mark @ yelling near you
    October 18, 2011

    I’m a day late but Happy Belated Birthday Keely!

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