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In which tongues are annoying

You know how when your tongue finds something weird in your mouth and then it can’t stop touching it and it keeps bugging it and touching it and finally you can’t take it anymore? Yeah, that happened.


I was hanging out before dinner and I felt something in my front teeth.  (The bottom ones) Now although, like many others, I had braces as a kid my front bottom teeth are all squished together.  I don’t mean they’re neighbors, everybody’s teeth are neighbors, I mean they’re literally on top of each other.


Well anyhow, I figured something was stuck between my teeth so I went in the bathroom and flossed them.  Didn’t fix the problem.


So, I flossed again. Didn’t help still. Nothing fixed it so I couldn’t stop messing with it and then I messed some more.  I was convinced there was something between my teeth but I couldn’t get it out.


I went in there and flossed again and no joy.  Same thing.  Finally I figured out there was a little chip in my tooth and THAT was the rough thing that was driving me crazy.


You’d think that now that I knew what it was that it would stop annoying me and I could forget about it but nope, it’s still rough and still my tongue keeps finding it and still making me all OCD about it.


That was last night and this morning I was wondering if I was going to survive this little chip, which doesn’t hurt by the way, or whether I was going to have to go to the dentist.  I was just at the dentist the other day.  Hey! I bet I got the little chip there when they were using that hook thing on my teeth.


I have no idea.  I’m sure the entire situation is nothing and stupid and if it weren’t for the combined efforts of my stupid tongue and brain, it would have all blown over.  Well, since I’m supposed to keep my posts short, this is the type of crap you guys get.


I suppose in summation, aren’t tongues annoying???

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  1. Annabelle
    August 29, 2012

    I’m incapable of leaving that kind of thing alone too, even if it gets to the point where I’m starting to give myself a sore spot on my tongue. Hope you get that thing polished off soon!
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  2. Julie
    August 29, 2012

    Again, some of our similarities amaze me. I had the same thing happen last year (on a back molar). With my history of shitty teeth I chose to go see the dentist. That simple little chip has led to a treatment plan that includes 7 implants, a partial denture and replacement of several existing crowns. Oh the joy of chronic dry mouth. Good luck with your chip ~ it will pale in comparrison to my tale of woe.

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