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In which tragedy struck


Guys! Tragedy struck today! Well, I doubt that you’d consider it a tragedy but let me tell you and then you can decide yourself.


As you may or may not know I paint. Actually I paint in Abstract Oils but still I paint. I also paint in very large canvases. I tried to paint smaller but it was tough and I just wasn’t that good at it. It seems that I do better on a larger scale.


As you can imagine, I was swimming in very large paintings as a result. After all, I can only hang so many large paintings in my house unless I get rid of the windows and then I’d be too depressed to paint.


People were encouraging me to put my stuff up on Etsy or sell it through a gallery or make a webpage but let’s face it; I’m lazy. A few months ago I decided I would start giving some of them away. Andie has a few and I recently sent some to Keely as well.


I’ve offered a few to my brothers and my sister in law took one so it’s getting a bit more manageable.


A few of Keely’s writer friends liked the paintings that I sent her (cuz they’re awesome) and said they’d like one. I was psyched because I haven’t painted in a while and one of them said they had LARGE walls, which means that I could paint a LARGE painting. YEAH!!!! FINALLY!!!


I went to Michael’s to get some canvases ( I know, I know … I used to stretch my own but I’ve gotten a bit lazy) and I picked some out and I realized that I don’t have my huge Lexus anymore; I have a much smaller Lexus.


I borrowed a measuring tape and sure enough, the back could only accommodate a 42-inch canvas. I wanted a 48×60 inch canvas and I couldn’t get it in my car. I never considered this last year when I traded in my car.


I can no longer get big canvases! I either have to stretch them myself which is a bit of a pain in the ass and then you have to prime them OR get somebody with a truck or something to get them for me.


It’s amazing all the things you should consider when getting a new car.


So you see? Tragedy! Instead I had to by a 36×48 inch canvas. I mean, it’s not tiny but I really wanted to go big.


Well, that’s my day. Now I’m off to paint. I’ll keep you updated.

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  1. Patty
    February 25, 2015

    Buy them on line. Bonus. Delivery.

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