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In which Tucker has 9 lives


You guys, it’s been a crazy few days and I barely know where to begin. First, let me say that unlike all the cats that I’ve had put to sleep, my dog seems to have nine lives.


Yesterday morning (Sunday) Kevin came into the room and said “Lynn, we need to talk.”  Now he was using his “serious” voice so I knew it was bad.  It turns out that Tucker had basically had an internal massacre in our dining room.  It looked like The Gunfight at the OK Corral and it was a mess.


Tucker, who has tried to die numerous times, has had these hemorrhaging things before and it was always touch again.  After spending about an hour cleaning it up (and by the way, Kevin was totally nauseous doing this and when I was telling this to somebody they asked “didn’t he have children?”) we took him in to the emergency vets.


NOTE #1: my animals only have issues during nights and weekends so that we have to pay twice as much money.


They told us it would be at least an hour and a half so we went to work out but NOT before leaving a $400 deposit.


NOTE #2: animal care is more expensive than people care


We came back and Tucker had acute pancreatic and his labs looked bad.  Long story short he would need to stay overnight at the hospital and be transferred to the vets Monday morning.


NOTE #3: and by transferred I mean I would show up with my car and drive him to the vets …


I checked on him Sunday afternoon and he was basically losing tons of blood and things looked bad.


NOTE #4: this was fitting as the Carolina Panthers were also being massacred


Kevin and I discussed what to tell the kids and Butterscotch wandered around looking like a forlorn, drowned rat.


This morning at 6:30 the Hospital vet called and said Tucker had a rough night and was doing very poorly and that he needed an ultrasound.  They wanted me to pick him up at 7:30 so that when I took him to his regular vets I could speak to the doctor.


They put him in my car because he couldn’t walk and looked pretty dehydrated although he wagged his little puppy dog tail to me.  They were concerned that he was riddled with cancer as he’s had thyroid cancer for some time and there was some “calcification” around his pancreas.  They had me look at his x-ray.  Yup, looked calcified all right!


NOTE #5: I figured we’d end up putting him to sleep because I didn’t want him to suffer but figured I should do the ultrasound just so that we were sure.  After all, I didn’t want my kids to think I hadn’t checked it all out.


We get to the vet and of course, the ultrasound guy is coming today so they make arrangements for me to take him to CVS for an ultrasound?  CVS? Like the drug store I’m wondering? No, CVS like “Carolina Veterinary Services.


NOTE #6: I agree that a Vet hospital makes more sense than the drug store


So I cancel my Genius Bar appointment (did I tell you that Safari just up and died yesterday like WTF????) and go get Tucker and drive to the next hospital.


NOTE #7:  I’m racking up vet bills all over town.


We get to CVS (Not the drug store) and I’m chilling with Tucker who is pretty chill and happy to see me.  They take him back and I’m waiting and I get a phone call from MY vet.


Good news! Not cancer and then she goes into this long explanation of all this stuff including the gall bladder and every internal organ in the animal and I interrupt and her say “are you saying he’s not dying now?” and that’s exactly what she’s saying although “no promises” because pancreatic infection is a big deal.


NOTE #8: I’m now an authority on that … thank god!


So back to our vet we drive (well, I drive and Tucker just lays there) and he’s now back on IV fluids and proteins and antibiotics and we shall see.


There you are! I cannot even tell you how many times I thought this dog was dying and then he didn’t. He seriously has about a billion lives.


Wish us (and him) luck and now I gotta go to the Genius bar so see why my Safari isn’t working or else I can’t post this.


NOTE #9: if you read this safari is fixed because it’s posted.

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  1. Julie
    January 15, 2014

    For 14 years I thought I simply “tolerated” our cat. Then she got sick and within 1 week (and $1500 in vet fee’s) we had no choice but the lethal injection. I was totally shocked at my reaction ~ completely devastated.

    • Lynn
      January 15, 2014

      I’m gonna be devastated

  2. RMelton
    January 15, 2014

    “NOTE #4: this was fitting as the Carolina Panthers were also being massacred…” This has to be on the greatest lines in a post ever written!

    • Lynn
      January 15, 2014

      Hahaha…thanks. Man I was pissed. They should have scored so much in the first half

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