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In which Twitter has lists

So, the other day when I had some extra time and trust me, I always have extra time, I was looking at things on Twitter and I decided to check out Lists.  I personally have very few lists because I’m just a sack so I never get around to them but I discovered that I was on 94 other people’s lists.  Now I know that to some of you, that’s nothing but to me, it was a lot.  I decided to check out what sort of lists I was on and the results were funny.


I realized that perhaps I shouldn’t put the actual peoples names down so I’m just going to put down the name of the list and at times, a brief description of the list.


Lists following allfookeduptoo


fun to follow and/or sage advice

(Yeah, I’m full of sage advice…or fun.  I’m not sure which)



Tweeps worth branching out to: The people chattiest with my friends



Tweeps worth branching out to: The people chattiest with my friends.

(There were a lot that were: people who chat with my friends)



more to follow

(am I waiting…or am I just more people to follow)



Attendees of the Type A Parent Conference

(there were lists for many of the conferences, like Blissdom, TypeA, etc.)



(So many lists that were just writers … or /bloggers … or /mom_bloggers … or /parents …or just /moms)



(I loved this one of course)


@abloggerwhosnotme /people-i-talk-to

Tweetmates are the people I have been talking to most on Twitter



The annoying *follow until you follow back and then unfollow* people.

(this one cracked me up…I don’t usually unfollow people unless they tweet all sorts of boring bullshit that I can’t abide…like those perky love yourself and others type of people)



real moms that tell it like it is!! AMEN

(hee hee…totally loving this descriptor)


@abloggerwhosnotme /friends

(this person actually likes me)


@abloggerwhosnotme /mom-s-i-like-to-chat-with

(see? I can be fun to chat with)


@abloggerwhosnotme /funny-people

(I like being in the funny people category)


@abloggerwhosnotme /the-usual-suspects

(Kaiser Soje…you know, the usual suspects?)


@abloggerwhosnotme /favoritefolks

working on this

(no clue what that descriptor means)


@abloggerwhosnotme /people-i-retweet-21

I have recently retweeted these folks.


@abloggerwhosnotme /indra




@abloggerwhosnotme /mad-blog-love-9



@abloggerwhosnotme /neat-bloggers-reviewers

Neat Bloggers/Reviewers – Obviously



@abloggerwhosnotme /friends-to-watch-closer

people I have conversations with at least a couple of times a week

(So, apparently engaging people is key…too bad I’m so damn moody)



People I have connected with through #blogchat

(tried it once…too much of a hassle)



(love this one obviously)


@abloggerwhosnotme /people-i-stalk

(YES!  I want to be stalked)


@abloggerwhosnotme /my-retweethearts

My top fans on Twitter: The people who have been retweeting me most

(Yeah, I’m not as big of a piece as I thought I was)


@abloggerwhosnotme /dearest-hoes

(perhaps the finest list of them all to be on)


@abloggerwhosnotme /favorite-tweeters

(somebody loves me out there)


@abloggerwhosnotme /unbookowners

Owners of the UnMarketing book and unicorn enthusiasts

(all it took was $19.95 to make this list)


@abloggerwhosnotme /people-who-make-me-smile

(If my stupid kids could see this they wouldn’t be so mean to me)


@abloggerwhosnotme /worth-the-read

(That’s always a good thing to know)


@abloggerwhosnotme /health-beauty-longevity

Health anti-aging nutrition & stress relief

(WTF? I’m neither healthy nor beautiful but I am 51 so… ok)


@abloggerwhosnotme /friendly

Those on Twitter who are sure to respond and create great conversation

(hahaha…I never think of myself as friendly.  Perhaps I’m friendlier on Twitter than I am in real life)


@abloggerwhosnotme /tech-influencers

A self-updating filtered list of people I follow

(Wow…and now I have influence)


@abloggerwhosnotme /bloggy-bunch

Bloggers to check out


@abloggerwhosnotme /bloggerpeeps-3

All the kindred bloggers


@abloggerwhosnotme /newbies

My new follows – do you warrant me continuing to follow you??

(This one is so honest that I love it…are you worth my time)


@abloggerwhosnotme /bloggers

Abundant Creativity on Display

(a whole shit load of creativity…that’s me…now on display!)


@abloggerwhosnotme /special-types-2

(not the first type of special but the second)


@abloggerwhosnotme /bloggie-things

(What types of things?)


@abloggerwhosnotme /comedy-celeb

The famous people and shows that I follow, and some genuinely funny fuckers

(OMG…I’m a funny fucker who’s mixed up with famous people)


@abloggerwhosnotme /freakingawesomeppl

(pretty damn self explanatory…I like it…A LOT!)


@abloggerwhosnotme /hot-blogging-hoochies

My fabulicious blogging hoochie frenz



Those who make me laugh on a regular basis


(wait a minute…I care? About what?)


@abloggerwhosnotme the-r-rated-list-2

So many of you drop the F-bomb I had to make a second list.

(hahaha…who’s with me here?)


@abloggerwhosnotme /blogger-babes

Providing the female perspective

(What other kind could I provide?)


@abloggerwhosnotme /peoplewhoread

(I assume this means people who read this bloggers blog)


@abloggerwhosnotme /people-i-met-on-twitter-who-i-don-t-hate

(Love this one…)


@abloggerwhosnotme /tifa

online bintang tamunya sekali2 pemain operavanjava donk..

(No fucking clue what this is…that’s why I included it)


@abloggerwhosnotme /tweeple

(hee hee…Twitter People, get it?)


@abloggerwhosnotme /personal-bloggers

Mommy Bloggers and Not-So-Mommy Bloggers, personal blogs only

(liked the descriptor)


@abloggerwhosnotme /northcarolina

(fairly self-explanatory as I live in North Carolina)


So there you are!  Those are the lists that I’m on and here are a few lists that I aspire to so if you have these lists, please include me on them.




Even if it was just for one date in 1648


Bloggers I’ve met and loved




A never completed list of rad people. Duh…



People who may or may not be under the influence or act like it on a regular basis





Need I say more?


waiting to see what happens…?


These people are fucking funny.


writers, word nerds, paint sniffers, picture snappers… yeah, those guys





Okay maybe not, but they’re damn good.





Great quotes, lines, thoughts, yaks…



What lists are you on and what do you aspire to? And, if you have any great names, let me know.


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  1. Alison@Mama Wants This
    April 27, 2011

    94?? 94??? I’m only on 6 and one of them is “Craft-challenged mamas”. I also aspire to be on /badassmamas, / writers-who-word-good and er, /peoplewhorock.

    And this? I can discern a few words…

    online bintang tamunya sekali2 pemain operavanjava donk

    bintang = star
    pemain = player

    I’m guessing that means you’re on the right list!

    • Lynn
      April 27, 2011

      hahaha…Craft challenged mamas…that’s so damn funny. Some people are on thousands of lists.

  2. By Word of Mouth Musings
    April 27, 2011

    OK, this i have to check out – i made up a few about a week ago on tweetdeck … since i was LOST with the convo’s and my staying power was becoming fast depleted.
    … back … twitter glitters (foreign too) and freakinawesomeppl may be my fav’s … let me look some more.
    (now look what you have started!)

    • Lynn
      April 27, 2011

      Twitter glitters…that’s an awesome one. Also, I’ve been dumped from some lists lately. I haven’t been reading or Tweeting as much. That must be why!

  3. Name *
    April 27, 2011

    “They may own a worm farm?” I would think that could be merged with “Things that make u go eh.”

    • Lynn
      April 27, 2011

      I know right? But different lists, different people. Now I need to make my list names much more interesting

  4. Theresa Sonoda
    April 27, 2011

    I don’t understand lists. I’m probably on the ones like /trainwrecks. I should be on the one that says /better-than-sex
    That would make my whole freaking day.

    • Lynn
      April 27, 2011

      hahaha…that would be an awesome list to be on

  5. Jessica
    April 27, 2011

    I made a lame list of “moms” but I never use it. I’m thinking about creating a special list just for you. I think from your list I’ll title it “things that make you go eh”

  6. Sandra
    April 27, 2011

    Essentially I think this means you’ve arrived!….not sure where you’ve arrived, but as someone who isn’t Twitter savvy, I can only assume this means great things! Let’s go with that!…and for only $19.95 I will put you on a list of people who need only one more list to reach 95!

    • Lynn
      April 27, 2011

      ahahahaha…thanks, but actually…i have been crossed off some lists recently and seem to be down to 91 or so. Who knows why?

  7. Matty
    April 28, 2011

    This got me thinking. I never use lists and didn’t even know what it was for. I checked and saw that I’m on a grand total of 2 lists. Yep, I’m popular.

    • Lynn
      April 28, 2011

      I have a few lists, including a few locked ones…but i’m not great about it

  8. Shane
    April 28, 2011

    I just typed in “mothering” on Twitter and I got Lady Gaga.

    So I decided that learning about parenthood from Lady Gaga must be a good idea, otherwise Twitter would not have led me to her.

    Synchronicity. Damn. Too early in the day to start drinking.

    • Lynn
      April 28, 2011

      Twitter knows all…i can’t imagine that Lady Gaga is not an authority on parenting. She’s certainly my style muse.

  9. Tina
    May 2, 2011

    You are already including in a couple of my twitter lists :) I like using lists to filter out the stuff I don’t care as much about or to find out what’s happening in the world of topics or themes. I can confirm that the lists you are on are ones I look up regularly. What I find weird about my lists is that they have followers!
    Tina recently posted..The Eight Hour Day Labour Day Public HolidayMy Profile

    • Lynn
      May 2, 2011

      thanks…i just think some of the descriptors were hilarious

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