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In which unicorns drink Perrier


I think my musical tastes are regressing.  When my parents were my age (53) they listened to classical music but today on the way to workout I was jamming to Bruno Mars and on the way home I found myself listening to Rihanna.  Pretty soon I guess I’ll be into this band “One Direction” whose music I’ve actually never listened to as I don’t have any teenage girls around my house thank god.


However, that wasn’t even the point of this post; that is, if my posts ever have points.  So today in was in Pilates (as per usual) and we were on the floor doing mat work when Amanda, my instructor, said the following:


Amanda:         stay back on your sacrum

Me:                  my sacrum?

Amanda:         yes

Me:                  you always talk about this “so-called sacrum.” Where exactly is such a thing found?

Amanda:         (laughing) it’s the triangular bone above your butt

Me:                  I thought perhaps it was something mystical … like a leprechaun

Amanda:         or a unicorn?

Me:                  right

Amanda:         when I was younger I thought somehow that unicorns drank Perrier water so I would put it out in a bowl to try and catch unicorns

Me:                  hmmmm…I hate Perrier water.  Why Perrier?

Amanda:         I don’t know…that’s what I thought

Me:                  I wonder how a unicorn would drink out of a bowl

Amanda:         What do you mean?

So I stood up and attempted to bend over and drink with a large horn on my head.


Me:                  wouldn’t the horn hit the ground?

Amanda:         I don’t think so.  I think it would be close though.

So there I am, standing up and having a pretend unicorn horn on my head, and then bending down to see if I can actually drink water.

Me:                  perhaps it would work if the horn wasn’t too long and it was perpendicular to the nose

Amanda:         I never got to try it.  I never caught a unicorn

And so that’s what it’s like working out with me.  We looked at each other and realized that we actually doing NO PILATES at all but were trying to figure out how unicorns drink Perrier.


I still don’t know so if you’ve got an answer let me know.  Meanwhile, now you know where the sacrum is.  That magical unicorn spot above your tailbone.


Don’t say I never taught you anything.

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  1. I just knew my butt was magical …
    Nicole Morgan (@thesistershood) recently posted..Christmas EveMy Profile

  2. Wombat Central
    December 29, 2012

    If the bowl was up against a wall, the unicorn totally couldn’t drink out of it. Worse still, if the wall was made out of cork, but it tried to drink anyway, it would get its magical horn stuck in the cork wall. Which, I guess, is probably how you catch a unicorn with Perrier.

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