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In which US Airways sucks


First, before I begin this post, can I just say that it’s crazy how fast my mouse batteries die? I don’t even use this computer that much but I feel like I’m constantly replacing the damn batteries. I just figured that you guys would want to know.


But this is what I’m writing about.  Fucking US Airways!!!!!!


How come they suck so very, very much?  For example, Keely has taken the same flight back to Los Angeles four times now and two of the times have been totally screwed up.


It seems that the stupid puddle jumper from Greensboro to Charlotte is NOT very reliable.  Keely takes the 6:05 from Greensboro, which is SUPPOSED to land in Charlotte at 6:50.


Then she takes the 7:50 Charlotte to LAX flight, which is NEVER late.  For some reason US Airways can’t get this Greensboro Flight to Charlotte.  The second time she did it she missed her flight and they fortunately got her on another flight but this time, the flight was delayed for NO APPARENT REASON!


They took off late and then I tracked the flight on and they went west then east then south and everywhere but north to finally make it to Charlotte.  As Keely was running quite late she asked the “steward” if there was anything they could do to help as she would have to run in Charlotte.


Now keep in mind that Keely is officially considered “handicapped” and is NOT supposed to run.  So what did this woman say?


“There are other people who deal with that.”  WHAT THE FUCK?  Seriously? That’s a crap attitude.  Basically all that needed to be done was to tell the next gate, which was C17 and Keely knew that by the way, that she was on the way and could they hold the plane.


Beyond all that, to avoid having to wait forever in Los Angeles, Keely had taken her bag on board.  Of course, on the Greensboro flight they “gate check” the bag because it’s a small plane so that took forever but on the larger plane I actually bought her “premier boarding” so that she could get her bag in the overhead bin.


That’s because those planes fill up fast so I figured she’d be the first on.  Of course, she ended up sprinting all the way to the plane pulling her bag and then they checked it.  Of course they did and I don’t blame them but what was the point of paying for boarding.


It seems that if this Greensboro-Charlotte flight is always late perhaps something should be done.  It’s happened 50% of the time so far.


I’m not even upset about that as much as the attitude of the stewardess.  After all, we had already checked and there were no more flights to LA that evening and none until the afternoon of the next day.  You would think they would WANT her to make her flight.


She did make her flight because she ran so hard that she popped a blood vessel in her eye.  I don’t even know what shape her hip is in.


All I’m saying is that if you constantly have a late flight and then your people on board don’t even give a shit about their passengers it leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth.


Meanwhile, the minute Keely thought she’d miss her next flight Kevin called US Air customer service.  He was on hold for 45 minutes.  Literally, he hung up when Keely texted that she made her flight.  That’s crazy and seriously the worst customer service ever.  Why even bother having a number if nobody will answer it?


I’m pretty sure that we’ll be avoiding both US Air and Charlotte from now on. Is that what the goal of the airline is?


Just my opinion but the entire thing sucks.  US Air: get your shit together.

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  1. Brad Procton
    August 27, 2014

    Dear Comcast………Oooops! Useless Airways;

    Contrary to your Corporate Handbook, the life that fills your seats are not only human beings and precious cargo BUT also REVENUE. Unlike many forms of revenue this form thinks, emotes and shares opinions. Realizing that as an airline you haven’t given a shit about your customers in years, we (as thinking revenue) would like to state categorically that a combined airline with a history of 4 BANKRUPCIES is probably doing a crap job at a lot of things. So, we know you have a lot to work on (like getting rid of those shitty Scarebus airplanes), but you might want to start paying attention to your human revenue passengers. We do have a choice and currently we choose to let your shitty airline fall into bankruptcy again by NOT flying on it.

    If you have trouble interpreting this letter, please go to the nearest Business School (We hear Phoenix University has a passable one) and ask one of the professors there to offer his advice. In the mean time hope you enjoy your day.


    Pissed off passenger taking her revenue elsewhere.

    • Lynn
      September 5, 2014

      Why thank you Brad

  2. Linda M
    August 27, 2014

    I recently had to fly from OKC to Panama City, FL and back. I used Southwest and I cannot sing their praises enough. I’m overweight and SW comped a second seat for me, on the return trip they changed my flight from PCB to Baltimore to OKC to PCB to Houston to OKC (and got me home 3 hours sooner – which was a blessing bc I was traveling home with my 8 YO son!). My mom lives in Valdosta, GA (an even smaller town than Greensboro) and they have 4 flights SCHEDULED in and out of the airport everyday. 2 in and 2 out. All with Delta. Except the second one in doesn’t always make it. It stays in ATL. Which is a 3 hour drive. They cxl the flight if there aren’t enough people on it apparently. I feel your pain and Keely’s pain too.

  3. Janet Lee
    August 30, 2014

    I fly several times a year and used to love US Airways. Until they merged with American. In my experience they leave and arrive exactly on time and haven’t lost my luggage. But the ground crew especially is just plain rude and the flight attendants are not much better. My guess is that American is miserable to work for and everybody now has a bad attitude. On my most recent flight we were early approaching Seattle so the pilot got permission to fly us very close around Mt. Saint Helens and Spirit Lake. It was a gorgeous day with perfect visibility and his thoughtfulness was refreshing and very much appreciated by his passengers. Most of the time, though, airline travel these days is something to grit your teeth and get through it.

  4. kath
    September 3, 2014

    My husband used to work for USAir before the big 9/11 faux collapse of the airline.

    All of those reports of fewer people flying were true. Because they kept reducing the number of flights.

    Never check your pets, leave them home or take them onboard.

    Hating USAir makes perfect sense. Even those arrival and departure times? They changed over the years. Like it got farther from Pittsburgh to Atlanta? No, it was easier to keep an on time rating with inflated flight times. And of course others do it too. BAH flying

    • Lynn
      September 5, 2014

      It’s so unfortunate that to get my daughter to LA we have no choice :((

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