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In which we all have routines


I always find it so weird that we’re such creatures of habit.  For example, I was taking a shower this morning and I accidentally started with Conditioner instead of shampoo.
Here’s what occurred.  Each time I take a shower I tend to the do the EXACT same things in the EXACT same order.


First, I get my hair wet and wash it.


Then I rinse my hair.


Then I condition my hair.


While the conditioner is in my hair I wash, shave, etc., etc., etc.


That way the conditioner does it’s job (theoretically) and my hair is smooth (hahaha) and that’s just the way it’s done.


However, every two weeks I have someone come in and thoroughly clean my bathrooms.  They take everything out, clean and then put everything back.


The thing is, they don’t necessarily put things back in the correct order. Actually, they rarely put things back in the correct order.


In my shower the shampoo is on the right next to the wall; to the left of that is the conditioner and then all Kevin’s crap.  So basically I never actually look at any of the stuff there.  I just get wet and take some stuff from the right bottle, wash my hair, rinse my hair and then take some stuff from the bottle on the left.


It’s really not very complicated EXCEPT for when they put the stuff back backwards.  You would think at some point that I would check after they come but I never do mostly because I don’t even remember by the next day.


So today I started by conditioning my hair and then rinsing it and putting in shampoo.  It was at this point that I started to suspect that ONCE AGAIN I had done things ass backwards.


It really made me laugh how conditioned we all are to routine to the point where we’re oblivious of any changes in our environment.


So in case you’re curious NO, I didn’t go back and recondition my hair.  I just threw it into a ponytail and said, “fuck it.”


Ok, I’m done. See ya!

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  1. Jess
    June 5, 2014

    I have the exact same routine. And I would be MOST put out if anything interfered with it.

    • Lynn
      June 5, 2014

      well, I should probably learn that every two weeks it could possibly be out of order

  2. Amy
    June 5, 2014

    Nobody moves my stuff but I’ve caught myself several times conditioning before shampooing. It’s very confusing.

    • Lynn
      June 5, 2014


  3. Jenn from Wa
    June 5, 2014

    This happens to me too when my cleaning lady comes in. I giggle every time because I never know WHAT I’m going wash my hair with. One time I washed my hair with my facial cleanser because IT was sitting where the shampoo was supposed to sit. I thought I fixed that by betting shampoo/conditioner dispensers in my shower…and yet I still have issues.

    • Lynn
      June 11, 2014

      I’m sure glad to learn that it’s not just me

  4. kath
    June 10, 2014

    I have no one to clean my bathroom but me… but I always put a rubber band around the top of the conditioner bottle. I use several different shampoos in a sort of rotation. The conditioner often looks like the shampoo bottle, so I got into this habit since I certainly can’t see well enough to read the bottle :P So far so good and OMG I am such a creature of routine! Sometimes I wonder if I’m OCD :P

    • Lynn
      June 11, 2014

      that’s a good idea. I think we’re all a little like that with routines

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