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In which we ate Mento’s


I’m sitting here in my hotel room at The London on Friday morning and the truth is, I’m about to die due to the fact that I just went to a 7:00 AM Soul Cycle Class with Keely as she has to go to work. I’ve been a few times before but this time I seriously thought that i was going to die. It was hot as hell and for some reason, I was super exhausted.

Of course, that reason could be that I flew from North Carolina yesterday but 7:00 is really 10:00 AM East Coast time so I really shouldn’t be tired. Nonetheless, I was pretty sure that I would expire before the class was done. Now I’m sitting on some funky ass chair here in my hotel room attempting to write this post in the dark because Andie is still in bed. (it’s funky because it has no back. Well it has a 4 inch back which is useless so it might as well have no back)

So yesterday, we flew from North Carolina for a last “hurrah” for Andie before she immerses herself in the deep recesses of Med School. We didn’t do much yesterday because we were pretty tired from the journey EVEN though (don’t tell Kevin) I upgraded us to First Class and the trip was most excellent. As Andie said, “they really DO treat you better in First Class” which is the truth folks.

Last night the three of us just went out for a chill dinner to talk and catch up and Keely told us all about our job.

She’s working on Sleepy Hollow which will be on FOX this fall and she is absolutely loving her job. It’s so nice to have your kid happy, especially when they’re so far from home. So she’s loving her job, making friends and getting stuck in traffic; probably in that order.

Did I tell you guys that Andie went to the dentist last week for the first time in a year and she had a cavity, receding gums and five “hot spots” that needed watching? Yeah, the dentist laid into her and told her to “stop eating so much sugar” which pissed Andie off because she actually doesn’t eat that much sugar.

However, she is being even more careful which is why what i’m about to tell you is so funny. (Well, it was funny to me at least)

So Andie has been being really, really careful about what she’s eating but I bought some Mento’s for the plane because, well I like Mento’s. I was eating my Mento’s and I automatically passed her one and she popped it into her mouth and was chewing it when she gasped and said, “oh my god! THE SUGAR!” and then I cracked up because what could she do but finish it.

Then later when we were in the hotel room, I said “let’s eat a cookie” because we had baked some cookies for Keely to give to the writers (they’re my specialty and crazy good and the way to someones heart) and Andie said “if I eat that cookie I’m going to be 25 with Dentures.”

Me: hahaha…that could be a reality show

Andie: sort of in the vein of 16 and pregnant

Me: can you imagine how funny that would be?

Andie: yeah, me and a bunch of methheads

Me: we can pitch it to Keely

(you know since she wants to be a writer and all)

,,, and then we spent the rest of the afternoon laying (lying?) around waiting for Keely, playing Candy Crush (poorly) and discussing how awesome our new show would be.

So that’s my trip so far. Hope you enjoy the updates!

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One Comment

  1. Jester Queen
    July 29, 2013

    Woohoo! Yes! Lying is right … oh … wait … there was more than a grammar question there. Madame Syntax got carried away. I adore these posts about your family. MEGA excited for Keely, and I hope Andie knocks them dead at Law School

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