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In which we built some shelves

Last week, Andie and I journeyed down to Durham, North Carolina to build her bookshelves.  Why Durham? Because that’s where Andie’s apartment is.


As you might recall we bought Andie a bedroom set and a living room as her graduation present from college so that when she began Med School she had an “adult” apartment rather than the hodgepodge she had when she was in college.


The only other thing she needed was bookshelves so I ordered some online.  Now, Andie and I had already had some mild disagreements on account of the fact that Andie has no taste.  I had picked out a lovely black unit that I considered somewhat “funky” and modern and she wasn’t thrilled but when I pointed out that I could return the box and she could purchase something else herself she agree to keep the unit I had bought.


Boy that was a particularly long and run on sentence.  No matter.  We shall forge on with the story.  So, I’m not particularly good at following instructions so Andie was in charge of that step.


We lay out all the pieces.  (Good news, they’re labeled quite well!)

We lay out all the hardware (also set up pretty well)

We gather out tools (not quite as good here as we only have one screwdriver)

Andie reads Step 1.  We do it.

Andie reads Step 2.  We do it.

Rinse, lather, repeat.


VOILA! We’ve finished the unit.  It took two hours but it’s complete.  We move it against the wall and Andie said, “Is it supposed to look like that?”


I look at it and say “FUCK” because the middle section is supposed to be 180 degrees opposite of the top and bottom section but instead, it looks like this.




I asked her if it would bother her and she said, “Probably now that I know it’s wrong.”  We decided to go have lunch and then came home and dismantled the middle section, switched it around, and put it back together.  Now it looks like this:




Andie decorated it by putting Guerillmo on top (that’s her fish that is blown up … don’t even ask) and declared the day a success.  Of course, I ended up with a knee injury from all this but that’s a story for another day.

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  1. This made me giggle. At least you agreed on following the instructions. Hubby is not good with instructions if they do not show each step on a different diagram – after an hour of trying to put together our garden glider I took over. I am sure women are better at these kind of things. X
    Ribenatina @ ribenamusings recently posted..Are they painted yet?My Profile

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