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In which we constructed – part one

whats your story

Hey everyone. I was going to write a post on how my little construction project was/is going but it has turned into a 6-page saga. Therefore, I will now make it a series and at this rate a book. As a result I will only post part of it today so you guys can have a life outside my blog. Here we go!



I’m hanging out in my office with my fish and my dog. My dog is basically freaking because there is a loud hammering noise coming from my bathroom, which just happens to be the room next door.


Oh joy! The cat just showed up too! It’s day 3 of trying to fix my master shower and I’m basically over it.


Here’s the plan and what’s occurred thus far:


Day 1, Monday:

Plumber arrives at 8:30 and takes off all the shower fixtures so that the tile guys can rip out the tile.


The tile guys spread plastic all over the floor from the door to the bathroom and then they start ripping out tile.


How do they do this? By sawing all the joints and ripping out the individual pieces. This would be all well and good if they had bothered to close the door from the bathroom to the closet or the bathroom to the rest of the house but they didn’t.


End result: my entire bathroom and closet and bedroom is covered in a fine layer of grit. Thank you tile guys.


I forgot to inform Kevin of this and he drinks from his glass. He is NOT PLEASED!!


Also, the air conditioner freezes up on Monday night. Sweet day!


Day 2, Tuesday:


Plumber arrives at 8:36 so once again I miss my work out. Oh, did I mention that I didn’t work out on Monday because I work out in the morning and they were all here? Yeah, and did I mention that I really need a workout because I ate and drank a LOT at Mom 2.0 Summit? I should have mentioned it.


So the plumber arrives and rips out all the lines and spends the entire day at the house walking in and out. Also, he soldered.


Do you guys know how much it stinks to have a house full of solder smell? It does.


Also it’s one thing to stay at home because you want to and quite another to be stuck at him. It makes a great deal of difference in your attitude trust me.


May I just say that this entire process does NOT seem very efficient?


Day 3, Wednesday:


I told Daniel (did I mention he was home? His hours are usually 1:00 PM – 3:00 AM so we don’t actually overlap that much although conveniently for him, those hours include dinner) that I HAD, HAD, HAD to work out so that I was going to wake him at 8:15 AM. He was not pleased. I said that after the tile guy was in that he could sleep on the couch but he was awake when I got home at 9:40. He was eating Tricuits for breakfast. Don’t ask.


Anyways, the tile guy is here “prepping” the shower. I was hoping they would be done today but apparently they have to finish putting the tile on tomorrow. I’m pretty sure that workmen will be a part of my life until I’m 90 years old.


Wednesday night: the place is a goddamn mess. There is dust everywhere. It looks like that scene from Annie Hall when Woody Allen sneezes in the cocaine. Kevin is livid and wanted to know what the hell happened in the house. I have no explanation. It’s a mystery.



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