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In which we constructed — part three

Kings of the Beach

Day 5, Friday


I was so distracted yesterday that I never even put up a post for Friday. That’s because I kept writing this post, which will apparently be a book deal before this job is actually finished. I can’t even imagine if I had to rip out the entire shower and not just 9 tiles.


In other news, my AC froze last night. I took a picture. Would you like to see it? I give up with that shit. Why won’t they just get me a new unit before I cook all summer? No, not like I’m going to be cooking. I’ll be the meat; I’ll be cooked!


So T&T just arrived at 8:40. I’m determined to go work out so I suppose that means waking up Daniel to watch the grout dry. Hahaha…watch the grout dry. I made a funny.


So T&T walk in with their little bucket and say, “we just need to let a sample patch of grout dry to see if it’s the right color.” Now, couldn’t they have tested out the color yesterday??? I mean, at some point I want the plumbers to put the fixtures back.


Also, while the cold-water tap isn’t hot exactly it’s still definitely warm and I’m worried that the mixer didn’t fix the problem.


I think the solution is no more showers … like ever!! (Didn’t I sound like a Taylor Swift song there?)


So basically, no shower, no AC working, no life.  I’ll update you later. By the way, it’s 8:56 AM.


OMG you guys! I can’t even. Let me catch my breath and tell you.  So at 9:13 AM I walked into the bathroom to let T&T know that I was waking Daniel up and going to work out. That way if they needed me they could have Daniel call.


Here’s what transpired:


Me:                  so guys, I’m going to work out. Do you want the window open? (Because they were holding a fan up in the shower. Don’t ask)


T&T:                what do you think of this grout color?


Me:                  is it dry? Because that doesn’t match


T&T:                mostly dry and this will be the color


Me:                  it doesn’t match


T&T:                it’s Antique White. What color do you want?


And seriously people? They were at my house for 7 hours yesterday and we couldn’t have done this then? I was literally leaving the house … but then I guess that I wasn’t now was I?


Me:                  I don’t know. What are my choices?


So they pull out this entire box of grout colors and ask me to choose.  The think is that I have to match the tile in the entire bathroom and I’m holding up these colors and some are to yellow and some are too gray and some are too white and WTF?


Me:                  Didn’t you guys keep records from last time (two years ago)?


T&T:                nope


Me:                  well none of these look right


T&T:                well how about this box?


And he pulls out another box of grout colors and informs me that the new box didn’t exist two years ago but the box they were showing me was brand new.  Now obviously this new box colors wouldn’t match and I was about to miss yet another class.


Me:                  seriously? Well maybe this Parchmont color


T&T:                I’m calling Tim (the boss)


Me:                  good idea


T&T:                he wants to speak to you


So I get on the phone and I’m incredibly annoyed now and Tim tells me we’ll go with whatever color that I choose. Me? I’m supposed to choose? I told him that I wasn’t an expert in grout and that it wasn’t fair to put it all on me so long story short (but not that short) the job is halted and he’s coming over after lunch to pick out the grout color.


So basically, I won’t have a shower until at least next Tuesday, which is absolutely ridiculous.  I call Kevin and tell him the entire thing and he says to me “one word: SPEECHLESS” and I tell him that if I’m not an alcoholic by the end of this week I suppose I never will be.


It’s 12:32 PM and I’m waiting on Tim and I guess this saga will become a book.  After all this post is now 5 pages long.



it’s 3:00 and Tim came over to pick out the grout color and guess what the color is? Guess what the hell the grout color is????? Standard White. Hahahaha


After all that it’s just Standard White. Kevin is beside himself.  So I guess on Monday we will have the tile guys back to put in the grout and the plumbers will put on the fixture and then we will wait and see if all this fixed the entire hot water issue.


I’ll keep you informed … unless I’ve bored you to death.


TO BE CONTINUED … yeah, I can’t believe it either.

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  1. Give me Merlot
    May 14, 2014

    The horror!

  2. Cathy
    May 14, 2014

    Well, I suppose there’s a reason why T&T aren’t rocket scientists.

    • Lynn
      May 15, 2014

      I suppose … but still

  3. Julie
    May 14, 2014

    I’m guessing you’ll never forget the color of your grout . . .

    • Lynn
      May 15, 2014

      hahaha…my thoughts exactly

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