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In which we FOUND our cat




I just had to shout that out. After my last hysterical post (I can’t even remember the day that I wrote it) I was so depressed.


I went to Pilates and did poorly (everything I’ve done lately has been poor…seriously, even my workout this morning sucked.) Someone told me there was a Facebook page for Lost and Found Pets of the Triad. (I live in the triad)


I went to the page and put up a missing sign for Cinder. I was really confused about where she could be since I had gotten a call from a different neighborhood that they had seen her on Thursday.


I mean, she’s a GRAY TABBY and they’re pretty common. So anyways, I put up the sign and people were really nice and one woman left this comment:


Cats typically do not get lost they get trapped or something chases them out of their yard! Check neighbor’s garages, storage areas, crawl spaces under house. They are usually within a 5-house radius. May be hiding in shrubs, a friend of mine found their cat after 3 days under bushes just frozen with fear. Hope u find your kitty!


I replied that we had done a massive search all week and seriously, every single day I was going out but mostly I was going out to the neighborhood that she had been spotted and tracked to.


I was getting my hair did (Ungrayed and turned blonde that is) on Friday afternoon and I was telling Angie (hairdresser) about the comment and how it was really eating away at me. Already that day, I had gone to BOTH of the neighborhoods I had been called from and looked for my kitty.


One thing that I did learn from the tracker was that you shouldn’t YELL out the cats name because that scares them and makes them think they’re in trouble. Instead I was basically going “here kitty, kitty, kitty” and shit like that.


Friday evening, I was kind of down and Kevin was late (bringing home dinner of course) and I told Daniel (who was lying on the couch because that’s ALL HE DOES OTHER THAN SLEEP IN HIS BED) that I was going outside to make another effort.


That comment was bugging me because although we did check all the neighbors’ houses (we don’t have many because the lots are huge) I didn’t actually go into crawl spaces and the like and none of them offered.


So I’m out back going “here kitty, kitty, kitty” and “come on baby girl” and nothing. Then I go to the driveway and repeat it all and I think I might here something. I listen hard but I hear wind, birds and kids from far away and I’m like “shit this is impossible in the woods.”


But I walk towards the house next-door into the woods and repeat and once again, I think I hear something and I stop. Again, nothing.


I figure I’ll walk into the woods a bit further even though I’m in flip flops and shorts and I’ve gotten poison oak a billion times in that area. We live about 75 yards from our neighbor and it’s all heavy woods.


So I walk about 20 yards and stop and call. I def hear something but what is it? I decide to tramp to without 10 feet of the house next door, stop and call. I DEFINITELY HEAR A CAT.


I see that somebody is home watching TV an d figure I should go ring the doorbell although I’m DYING to start searching. As I walk around the front Kevin is driving by.


I tell him I think I hear a cat. Now this cat is Kevin’s baby. He likes her more than me! I go to the front door and my neighbor’s wife comes to the door and I explain the situation. She comes right out with me and we walk around the house and I call Cinder.




I part the bushes and there’s a vent and I say, “That cat is in the crawlspace!”


She get’s the key and Kevin rushes in and there is CINDER! She’s really upset but actually in fairly good health.


I hold her and she wants to get down desparately probably to run home but that cat is not getting out of my hands.


I jump in Kevin’s car with him and we drive into the garage and don’t even open the door until the garage door is down.


GUYS, I can’t even with how happy we are.


Questions? Yeah, we have some.


The wife said she told her husband she HEARD SOMETHING CRYING but he called us and said HE HEARD NOTHING.


He also said “IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE that she was in there before Monday” (she went missing Saturday) but cats are like Muhammad Ali (impossible is nothing).


Anyway, NO BITTERNESS cuz my cat is back.



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  1. Ro
    June 7, 2016

    I’m so relieved that you found Cinder. It is so stressful when a furbaby is missing.

    • Lynn
      June 17, 2016

      i know…I hope that never happens again

  2. Sheri
    June 8, 2016

    YAY!!!! for the found cat! So relieved for you. And Cinder, of course.

    • Lynn
      June 17, 2016


  3. Mack Sperling
    June 8, 2016


    It makes me happy that you found Kevin’s cat. When your ex-best friend (my former wife) ran away to Denver a few years ago she abandoned two cats to me. There was one that only she liked (that was “Snickers”) and the other one that everyone in our family liked. Snickers ran away a few months later. I never saw her again, though I didn’t look as hard as you did. I actually started to miss her once she was gone. The other cat died of cancer a few months after her sister cat disappeared. Cat love. Oh well. It is fraught with disappointment.

    I’m glad you are writing again.


    • Lynn
      June 17, 2016

      um… would we say that she was my best friend? Well, sorry about the cats but Snickers is a cool name. Hope you’re well

  4. Julie
    June 8, 2016

    My cold heart just warmed up 1000 degrees. Thrilled that Cinder is back where she belongs.

    • Lynn
      June 17, 2016

      thanks girl

  5. chacha1
    June 10, 2016


    • Lynn
      June 17, 2016

      i know right

  6. custom essay
    June 11, 2016

    Once I lost my cat too and I was very upset. Later it turned out that he had fallen from the balcony …

    • Lynn
      June 17, 2016

      hope it was ok

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