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In which we got him packed up


Guys, I can’t believe that I survived getting Daniel MacDonald out of my house. The other day I was at Pilates (change of subject I know) and the instructor was 8 months pregnant.


She, of course, is slightly miserable and it’s her third child so it’s not like she gets to chill a lot. Been there, done that.


So she was miserable and I was telling her that there was good news and bad news and which did she want first.


She wanted the good news first.


I explained that in ONE MONTH she would no longer be pregnant and would, in fact, have another child!


Then she asked what the bad news was.


I told her the bad news was that NOW SHE HAD ANOTHER CHILD and she was stuck with that kid because they never fucking leave you alone again.


I say that because of … KEELY, ANDIE and DANIEL MacDONALD.


They are always there.


I mean, they’re not always at my house but basically they’re always there.


They call when they’re having a bad day.
They call when they’re pissed.


They call when they’re walking.


Occasionally hey call with good news but mostly they just bitch and moan.


I had kids because I figured I’d be able to live vicariously through their lives.




That means they’d have to do something I actually want to LIVE THROUGH.




Ugh, so we were trying to get Daniel out of the house since he had to start a job in San Francisco. Now I live in NC and for those who don’t know, it’s on the OTHER FUCKING SIDE OF THE COUNTRY.


I made him a list. He looked at it.


He looked at it ONCE.


He ignored it.


Basically Daily.


He was leaving g in 3 days and I finally said “Daniel, it seems to me as if you’re overwhelmed by the disaster that is your bedroom. How about I help you?”




I don’t know but we went up there and we started sorting and tossing and making piles.


On Sunday, (2 days before leaving) I said let’s start packing.


And we did…sort of; basically I packed while he said which suitcase because some of the bags would be inaccessible.


SO that only left the suitcase he would need for the one week drive.
I went upstairs Monday night and KEVIN was packing.


I cracked up.


Kevin told me that I was more difficult watching Daniel “attempt” to pack then to actually do the damn packing himself.







Anyways, after a bit of a disaster with the luggage carrier they took off. Hope he makes it there.

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  1. Sheri
    June 20, 2016


  2. Name *
    July 18, 2016

    re: They call you when they’re walking


    What is that???

    “Hey Mom!”

    “Hey Sweets, what’s up?”

    “Nuthin, just walking…”

    Really? Because I’m working. At that job that you seem to keep forgetting that I have, because you don’t seem to understand why I don’t drop everything every time you call, to talk about how you wonder if the bump on your toe is a wart, or to tell me that the barista at the cafe you are at right now is super cute, or because you are… walking.

    I love them dearly. Can’t imagine life without them even. Because they won’t let me.
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