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In which we had Bambi’s

photo 1

You guys probably don’t think this is very exciting but so what, it’s my blog.  We have lots of wildlife around here as you know.  That’s because we live in the woods, there are 3 acre fields all over the place and there’s a very large lake about ¼ mile away.


As a result we have snakes (yucky), birds of all kinds including hawks, eagles, falcons, Canadian geese, Turkey Vultures and other birds that look like they want to eat Butterscotch (the cat.)


There are also foxes, groundhogs and lots and lots of deer.  So basically seeing a deer is not big deal but what is unusual is seeing a fairly decent sized buck (which I did) and even more rare is seeing very young deer.


You often see young deer with their moms and dads but you hardly ever see them when they’re still young enough to be spotted but this past week there has been a family of deer chilling in our yard and they have two babies (or Bambi’s as I refer to them.)


Normally the minute we go outside (especially if Tucker is with us) they take off because they’re a bit skittish but the other day Kevin and I pulled up after dinner and they were all grazing underneath the giant Black Walnut tree that’s across the street.


I stopped the car, rolled down the window and FINALLY got a few pictures of the deer before they took off.  I don’t think that you can really see the spots but since I like them I’m putting up the pictures anyways.

photo 3

It’s so weird because I grew up in Greensboro but I didn’t live in a neighborhood like this and rarely saw all this stuff and other than the snakes, I really like it!  Also, thank goodness I haven’t run into any skunks because my neighbor did and the dog got totally sprayed.  YUCK!!

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  1. Wow! Just wow!

    • Lynn
      July 30, 2014

      yeah, it was pretty cool!!!

  2. kath
    July 30, 2014

    In a weird moment of synchronicity…. there was a deer in my front yard this morning. It was made of foam and pretending to be real, and dead. I almost had a heart attack. My husband said it’s some sort of “target” deer. He called the police, to report a not real deer invasion. Not kidding. Hope it leaves before I have to go out to work.

    We live in a small town with plenty of “patches” of “woods” and there are plenty of real deer, groundhogs etc. Lots of hawks. Sometimes I feel guilty feeding the birds as occasionally the hawks use it like a Wendy’s drive though.

    • Lynn
      July 31, 2014

      OMG…I’d die seeing a hawk sweep down and eat a bird in front of me…

      I’ve never seen a target deer

  3. kath
    July 31, 2014

    I never saw the foam deer either… not up close. I saw something up the hill, took off my glasses so I could pretend it was trash. Then my husband came in and said it was a target deer. I didn’t go to look at it, because I had been too freaked out thinking it was a real deer. It was gone by the time I left for work. ALSO, it is myhusband who has seen the diving hawks. I just worry about feeding the birds. They are pretty smart though. There are times the food stays in the feeder for two days or so, while the hawks are hanging out in my tree. We have hawks and owls around here. I think my snake died of old age or something, I haven’t seen him lately. I asked my friend with a farm to bring me a couple of hers. They are good for mole control. Weird how I don’t mind moles being lunch, but I mind birds. We have so many deer around here, there are often deer on the road. It makes me sad. I can’t even read a book if a cat or dog dies :P ( I used to work for a vet. Hard .Job. )

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