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In which we had hornets


So let me tell you about the excitement that I’ve had at my house this past week. Ready?


As you may know I was gone for a bit to Vermont and to the Spa so I hadn’t been up to the “art” room where I paint for a bit. Last Monday, I went up there and as I was standing there I heard a noise. You see, I have hearing like the Bionic Woman.


So I heard this noise and I start looking around and I see this massive stain on the ceiling. I walked over there and it looked like a massive water leak and some of it looked like it had mold on it; I mean it was green!


I quickly called Kevin up there to check it out (hmmm…I guess this must have been Sunday now that I’m thinking of it. After all, Kevin works on Monday) and he came up there and I pointed out the stain.


It was where we have a dormer and we figured that we had some massive roof leak but it was so strange that it developed into something that bad in just two weeks; beyond that he could hear the strange noise too and I was worried that we had mice in the wall.


Now as you may know, we’ve had mice before but I THOUGHT that had been taken care of and also, there was no attic over this room so if there were mice they were INSIDE of the wall. I was NOT happy!


I went outside the next day and looked up at the dormer and what did I see? I saw about a billion bees going in and out under the roof. Did I freak out? Yes, I did.


The next day our contactor was over (because we’re about to redo our screened porch) and I asked him to have a look at the stain. He told me that he didn’t think it was a stain from the roof; he thought that it was a stain from a massive bee’s nest inside of my wall. I had, of course, already called Terminix to come over and I was not a happy girl.


When they came over I took the guy upstairs and he took one look at it and said that I had a massive hornet’s nest inside of my wall and that they were about to break through to my house.


WHAT THE FUCK? He told me to quickly duct tape over the entire area (which I did immediately) and he would go outside and spray it because if they broke through to my home it’d be very dangerous.


I taped it up while he got the ladder and he went up there and sprayed the nest (from pretty far away I might say). The bees were not happy and tons of them died BUT you can’t really spray into the nest so he came back the next day to spray them again.


I can’t hear them in the wall anymore but I just walked outside and I can still see bees coming in and out of the roof.


I now need him to come AGAIN and spray the hornet’s because we have to take the nest out by cutting out the drywall IN THE HOUSE and then getting out the nest and then fixing the wall.




Did I mention that these hornets are about two inches long and terrifying looking? Well, that’s what’s been happening around here. Hope your day is going well.


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  1. Debbie White
    September 22, 2014

    Sorry. I would be outta there…complete with nightmares! You are a braver woman than me.

    • Lynn
      September 22, 2014

      hahaha…well I didn’t want them in my house

  2. Julie
    September 22, 2014

    If the Terminix guy had told me to duct tape the area, I would have told him to kiss my ass. You’re far braver than me. I would have been in my car heading to the nearest hotel.

    • Lynn
      September 22, 2014

      oh Julie…You would have used the duct tape. You’re tougher then that!

  3. chacha1
    September 22, 2014


  4. Marti
    September 22, 2014

    We also have this at the moment. Bug guy said he’d come back , but I think he was fibbing.

    • Lynn
      September 23, 2014

      i never heard of it before but i guess it’s common

  5. JennW
    September 29, 2014

    I’d have to move. I hate bees and have an irrational phobia of them.

    • Lynn
      September 29, 2014

      well, i don’t want to move but things have been nuts around here

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