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In which we have a family SKYPE


I think I told you guys that Daniel was abroad for the summer. This past Monday he texted me to say that he finally was able to Skype with me. Keep in mind that he had left 10 days ago and I’ve barely heard from him.


I was still with Keely so I told him 10 minutes and we set up to SKYPE with Daniel. I think he was 9 hours ahead of us. He talked to Keely and I and told us (vaguely) how things were going and how it was difficult speaking and understanding Spanish etc. etc. etc.


Apparently he joined a gym and knew absolutely no terms for the equipment so people would ask him questions and he looked like a moron.


Coincidentally, Andie and Kevin were out to lunch in Greensboro so Keely decided we should add them in and have a “family SKYPE” so we had Andie get an account. She did and Keely added her in but unfortunately, Andie had no video. She did have audio though.


So Andie’s profile picture was a picture of her skydiving in New Zealand with an instructor so it was Andie and some random guy on the screen and we all started asking Kevin:


Me:      so Kevin, when did you and Andie go skydiving


and of course, Kevin couldn’t see anything so we had absolutely no idea what we were talking about. Then Keely took a screenshot and posted it on Instagram and we were all talking over each other but mostly Andie was being crazy and dominating everything and nobody could hear anything other than her.


So I thought that perhaps we should just kick Andie out of the family and we took a vote. Kevin and I were for booting her out but Keely wanted her and Daniel felt that eventually her medical knowledge would be an asset to the family.


Here’s a screen shot of that:

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 12.57.52 PM


Yep this is pretty much a typical MacDonald family conversation and a typical piece of shit post but you know what, I’m going with it.

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