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In which we have “sub-par” productions

(written 4 weeks ago and posted before Mom 2.0 Summit) Whatever, quit bitching about it!


I’ve had so many funny conversations lately with Kevin but I haven’t been in the mood to get them on paper so that’s a problem.  I think it’s because I decided to write a book  and I might have burnt myself out.


I also think I have “post-book” depression because I was so anxious to get it all down on paper and now I just have filler so of course, I’m bored.  Yesterday I had a ton of stuff I SHOULD have done:


Insurance crap


Tax Crap

Harassing Daniel about a college thing


And a ton of stuff I could have done:




Writing some blog posts

Doing a jigsaw puzzle

But mostly what I did was feel sorry for myself and eat.  Yeah, it’s stupid I know.  I blame it on the gym being closed.


But speaking of the gym, I didn’t go today but I did go to Pilates and had a funny conversation.  I was taking a class with a new lady, Nancy, who was telling Amanda (my instructor … and friend … but not like besties or anything ya know) that she had a dream about Amanda’s wedding last night.


By the way, Amanda is getting married.  I’m not invited.  It’s a small wedding and I’m a large person.  So, her dream was that Amanda got married in this baby blue dress with huge white polka-dots.  What?  We were laughing about it and Amanda said, “Sounds like something I would do” until Nancy pointed out that it was also “Victorian” which is when Amanda said, “No can do” to the polka-dot dress.


I was pointing out that it would be an awesome dress to wear if she had an “Alice in Wonderland” themed wedding.  We were visualizing that when I added that “wouldn’t it be fun to spike all the food with shrooms?” to complete the theme.


I was speculating that the guests would all have a great time.


Amanda          we should start a party planning business

Me:                  I totally agree

Amanda:         we could call it sub-par productions and party planning

Me:                  I love that idea

Amanda:         we could have all sorts of terrible events

Me:                  a friend of mine and I already came up with one great idea

Amanda:         what’s that?

Me:                  well her hubby and Kevin have the same birthday

Amanda:         and?

Me:                  and they’re both engineers

Amanda:         so?

Me:                  so we’re going to have an “engineering” party

Amanda:         what’s that like?

Me:                  everyone has to have a pocket protector and a slide rule and nerdy glasses and pants up to their armpits and then we’ll all stand around and talk, slowly and endlessly, about boring shit

Amanda:         that sounds perfect for sub-par productions

Me:                  wow… see Pilates is awesome.  Good for my body and now I have yet another new business

Amanda:         a new business that will never get off the ground

Me:                  yep.  That’s how all my businesses are.

Amanda:         do you have a lot?

Me:                  you have no idea

And you don’t because I have spectacular ideas all the time but they either involve me working or me thinking or me doing something which I very rarely do.  I need a doer in my life to do the things I think of.


I’m just saying …

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  1. Julie
    June 8, 2012

    I’d like to work for one of your imaginary businesses if they have profit sharing and a 401K. How’s Keely doing?

  2. Jester Queen
    June 8, 2012

    I will totally be a subpar caterer for your subpar production

  3. Emily Woodhouse
    June 10, 2012

    I’m with you. What about some investment?
    Emily Woodhouse recently posted..VPSMy Profile

  4. Marcos T. Rodrigues
    June 10, 2012

    Can I come to the wedding? I would want to hear some business proposals!
    Marcos T. Rodrigues recently posted..Herpeset ReviewsMy Profile

  5. Richard L. Hudson
    June 13, 2012

    Nice wedding and at the same time a proposal business good idea.
    Richard L. Hudson recently posted..XenadrineMy Profile

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