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In which we made our escape from Boston


(Written on Friday, February 8th while in Boston expecting a huge blizzard)


Normally I love a good snow.  It’s fun and being from North Carolina, fairly atypical.  But when I travel I really don’t consider snow my friend.  Well, unless I was going skiing, which I’m not.


Today is the beginning of a massive blizzard named Nemo.  Why they would give a huge blizzard a cute name I have no idea?  Normally I would be safe in my house watching the TV and the weather thinking “well, they sure get a lot of snow up there on Boston” but today I’m actually in Boston so I’m not all that thrilled.


Here’s the play by play.


Andie and I flew up to NYC on Tuesday.

We checked into our hotel.

We went to a great Chinese restaurant and had drinks.

One very, very strong drink …yum

Wednesday Andie took a cab to her interview at Albert Einstein Med School

I walked around and froze

… so I bought a scarf

A really pretty and warm scarf

Andie took the express bus back so I met her at 5th and 58th

And got her back to the hotel

Because she doesn’t really know the city

I do because I lived there for years

She got changed and like Pooh, we went on a big explore

See previous post to hear details

Or don’t, your choice

We went to see Once and had great seats

Once is a musical by the way

We got back to our room and went to sleep

Got up Thursday and all the news was snow, snow, snow

But Boston University Med school sent an email, which basically said:

The show will go on

I made Andie call them and see how early we could leave Boston

Because we originally had a 7:30 flight

PM that is

They said 12 PM so I booked an earlier flight

We took the train to Boston

I was motion sick the whole way

Got to Boston

Fucking freezing

But we walked around anyways

Because that’s what you do when you’re in a new town

Went to a fantastic dinner

Although we got lost

On the way there that is

And I didn’t have my scarf with me (stupid)

Or gloves (stupider)

Finally made it

Very strong marguerites

Great food though

Took a cab home and was pretty tipsy

… and found out my initial flight was cancelled

Actually the airport was closing at 3:00 PM

But my 2:04 flight was still on

Now it’s morning

It still is

On that is

So I’m hoping

And it’s snowing

And soon I’ll swing by BU med school and pick up Andie

And go to the airport

Where hopefully we will fly home

So that’s the plan

Wish me luck

Stupid fucking Nemo

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  1. Name *
    February 11, 2013

    spelt backwards Nemo is OMEN

  2. maura
    February 11, 2013

    After getting over 2 feet of snow, it is now raining. I hope you made it out before “snowmageddon” became real many of us were thinking it would “blow over”

    • Lynn
      February 11, 2013

      I did make it out thanks!!

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