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In which we met Katee Sackhoff

Lynn, please continue your posts about Dragon*Con.  I know that’s what you’re thinking right???


Ok, so I will.  As you may recall we were at the WRONG hotel and I was totally pissed off because in my head I was going to run into all sorts of people I wanted to meet and they were going to totally be like “hey Lynn, let’s hang out” and I was going to be like “yeah, that’d be awesome” and I had every conversation planned out but of course, that all went to hell.


So then, I had to change my headspace which is no small task but aided by my friends, Prozac and Xanax, I did.  So we headed on over to the Marriott (the correct one which is basically Dragon*Con headquarters) to see some people I knew from online I promptly had a heart attack. Not a real one, a mental one.  I knew it would be overwhelming and crowded but there were literally close to a thousand people milling about dressed up in all sorts of ways that should possibly not be seen by the human eye.


There was this one bunch all dressed up as Playboy Bunnies (I know right?) and finally I went over to them and asked them what their story was.  Apparently, there is this group of gals (and a few cross dressing men) who call themselves “The Bunny Hutch” and they all dress up as bunnies for the first night at Dragon*Con as their welcome party.


There were stormtrooper and robots and people from the Fifth Element and some people who I think might have been Prussians although I had no fucking clue why Prussians would be there.  There were men in kilts and women dressed as anime characters (don’t even ask how many butts hanging out.)  There were body parts that I never wanted to see but I have to hand it to some of those people, more power to the lack of self-consciousness.


It was at that point that I realized that there was no point in trying to look even decent because there was so  much weird that who would notice.  It was fun meeting some online friends though.


So, Friday morning I got up and attempted to work out although at MY Marriott the workout equipment sucked so Hey Marriott, you owe me.  Oh by the way, we got Keely registered at Disability Services thank god because there is a lot of walking, pushing and shoving.


So this morning Keely had huge bruises on her hips from being jostled while on Coumadin. I never even considered that.  Boy do I suck as a mom.


So we went over to the Marriott, the one where I thought we were staying, and got in line for the Battlestar Galactica panel.  Good news is we got to sit in the second row.  Bad news is that some tall mofo was in front of me.  The actors were even better looking in person than on TV which I totally didn’t expect.  Katee Sackhoff was drop dead gorgeous.


Her, Jamie Bamber and Michael Trucco were funny as hell and the entire panel was a win except for the gigantic head in my way.  I asked the guy to slouch but apparently he forgot to.  Oh well.  We then went over to the autograph area and I bought Keely an autograph with Katee and she was incredibly lovely and I asked her to go out with us but she couldn’t cuz she was with her mom so I asked her mom to but she still couldn’t cuz they’re visiting family.


Keely said I was pushy and kept interrupting Katee but I get overexcited and hyper and I’m only 53 so I’m sure I’ll grow out of it.  It was loads of fun talking to her and she was incredibly sweet and then we had lunch and ambled back to the room for a while.  We are going to go to a Wheel of Time panel later and then meet some gals for drinks.  We have two more days of this.  I’m doing ok although this really isn’t my scene but I supposed it’s totally worth seeing once in a lifetime.


More later.


P.S. I have SOOOOOO much more to tell you but I just got home (Monday afternoon) so I’ll write it out later.  OMG!!!

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  1. Jester Queen
    September 4, 2012

    So COOL!!! Poor Keely for the bruises, but it sounds like she was holding up even with them

    • Lynn
      September 4, 2012

      we had so much fun…totally worth the bruises

  2. Monica
    September 4, 2012

    I think the level of fun exceeded the bruises!
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