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In which we partied hearty

Guys! I’m back. I mean I’m still on the plane but I realized that all I was doing was playing games (basically the story of my life but still …) and I probably should just bite the bullet and write up the rest of the weekend. I have gotten so lazy with blogging you know?


Back in the day (a few years ago) I would have written this up and it would have been funny but I’m pretty sure all my humor has drained away along with my bone density. Anyways, shall we continue???


So as you may or may not remember Friday was quite the day and I actually drank a few drinks so when I woke up Saturday morning I was pretty damn tired. Also, it seemed to anti climatic already and the party wasn’t even until that night. Keely was going to the airport to pick up her friend so Kevin and I decided to go to the hotel gym to do a bit of cardio. I must say that I was glad to actually work out because my body felt poisoned.


Then we headed up to the pool where we had gotten a couple of cabanas to hang out in. Thats because other then Kevin, Andie and myself there was now Keely, her friends Rachel, Lizzy and Lauren and Kathleen and her sister would be meeting us. It’s not like it’s a huge pool area so we were taking up quite a bit of room.


It was a lovely day and Andie actually ended up getting a bit sunburnt. You could see downtown LA from the pool (which was on the roof) so we hung out until about 2:30. At that point Keely and her pals went to get their hair did and Kevin, Andie and I just chilled. Andie has very curly hair and saw no point in attempting to straighten it. I didn’t see the point in doing anything but chilling.


Kevin and Andie continued their Gilmore Girls marathon and I just did what I do. Come on folks, you know that means waste time on my iPad and play games and shit.


Then Keely et al came over to pregame and taught me how to use Uber. Kevin and I “Ubered” over to the party so we could get it all organized before people showed up. Well, we tried but we weren’t that organized but it was all call as it was at Next Door Lounge in Hollywood. The place was pretty awesome and even though Keely said “nobody would show up” about 75 or so people DID show up and we had a helluva time.


We had punchbowls (liquor) and beer and wine and food and I’m pretty sure a good time was had by all. Kevin and I got to meet some of the Sleepy Hollow staff that we didn’t know as well as people from the network and from K/O Paper Products which is the production company.


All in all it was a great evening and Keely seems much beloved out there.


One of the highlights of the evening was this conversation between Andie and Aaron who works at KO.


Aaron:              so i hear you’re the mean sister

Andie:              I like to think of myself as the “real” sister

Aaron:              in what way

Andie:              in the way that I live in the real world

Aaron:              explain

Andie:              Keely lives in a world that each morning she wakes up and thinks “maybe today is the day that the unicorns come out of hiding”


… and folks, that was the minute that the west coast met Andie MacDonald


hahahaha… twas funny!


Obviously, the more the alcohol flowed the funnier people got and as you can imagine, these writers are very creative, smart and funny. All in all everyone had a good time and thank god my perfect streak of awesome parties is still going.


Hope you guys enjoyed all that. I’ll try to post some pictures although mostly they’re on Keely’s phone and i’m on a plane with no phone service.


See ya!!

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